Use case: Transforming documents with precision for IT services

September 11, 2014

1 minute read

We often hear from our customers in a variety of industries about the importance of document fidelity. After all, if they are taking the time to convert their documents to PDF format, they want to ensure that the rendered file will be an exact replica of the original. Fidelity is important across the board, whether you’re in life sciences, financial services, or something in between.

Creating precise documents

One of our customers in the IT industry was looking to improve the quality of their PDF renditions. They needed a solution that could integrate with their Enterprise Content Management system – EMC Documentum. In addition, they needed to improve their current slow and manual process to convert documents and perform quality assurance.

By using Adlib PDF,  which has received industry recognition for accuracy (achieving validation of 202 of 204 test cases in the Isartor Test Suite), this IT services firm was able to increase productivity within their organization while at the same time producing high-fidelity and accurate PDFs. Read the full story in this use case.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Adlib investment like this organization, get in touch with our Customer Success team, or read more use cases here.

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