Unlocking the Value in Unstructured Content across Industries

Adlib works with organizations across industries – from architecture to government, legal to manufacturing – to help them manage their unstructured content more effectively, and turn documents into valuable business information. Adlib’s Advanced Rendering technology and Content Elevation Process™ enables organizations to standardize their content, extract or redact important data, manage information through advanced content classification, and store documents for long-term digital preservation.

Ideal for:

  • Organizations across industries seeking new ways to improve the efficiency of document management processes
  • Systems Integrators working with organizations across industries to streamline solutions that support compliance, collaboration, archiving and other business-critical initiatives. Systems Integrators interested in partnering with Adlib should join the Adlib Partner Plus program

Solutions Across Departments and Industries

Adlib delivers value to a broad range of departments and industries, improving the content management process throughout the organization.

Key Industries We Serve

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, AEC

Adlib is used by many architects, engineers and development firms to convert and assemble a diverse set of document formats, including CAD, vector designs, and proprietary file formats, into PDF to create customer-ready proposal documents, RFPs and design specifications. In addition Adlib can organize vast amounts of documents using Progressive Classification™ to help organizations make intelligent business decisions.


Adlib enables educational institutions to standardize internal and external document formats such as course material, resumes or published papers into PDF enabling all stakeholders to view, distribute and share documents more efficiently.


Manufacturing companies can automate critical document workflows to convert, combine and enhance documents - enabling efficient and secure collaboration across the supply chain. Reduce costs associated with the creation of PDF renditions of controlled documents such as standard operating procedure (SOP) manuals as part of your approval and regulatory publishing processes. In addition, organizations can redact confidential information, classify large volumes of documents, extract critical data, optimize PDF files and more.


Adlib delivers Advanced Rendering technology to help Energy companies extract value from vast, unstructured silos of information like well log files, CAD diagrams, and more. Integrating with key repositories, Adlib provides the most holistic document transformation in the industry today, automating document processes from ingestion to output, and enabling processes such as classification, redaction, extraction, and more.

Life Sciences

Adlib is the leading rules-based, compliant document transformation platform for Life Sciences, integrating with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and other business applications to support critical document processes like regulatory submissions. Adlib is used by 90% of the top 100 Life Sciences companies to improve the efficiency of document lifecycle workflows through standardizing documents, classifying large volumes of files, extracting critical information, and other document processes.


Adlib for Insurance helps deliver improved overall customer experience through document-centric processes that are optimized with intelligent content capture, ingestion, classification, and conversion for the delivery of business-critical documents. Adlib is driven by the most powerful, automated Advanced Rendering engine in the market that integrates with key business tools, including all leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.


Adlib for Banking enables leading organizations to improve customer-centric document workflows and processes that range from on-boarding and communications to ISDA contract analysis and reporting—all powered by automated, accurate and scalable Advanced Rendering that integrates with all leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, and enables further processes including classification, extraction, redaction and more.


Adlib for Government enables government departments and agencies to improve the efficiency of public services and requests, in support of key public sector initiatives, with automated, accurate and scalable Advanced Rendering that integrates with all commonly used Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems and enables further document processing including classification, extraction, redaction and more.

Use Cases

Aerospace Company Gets Defensible
Aerospace Company Gets Defensible
Aerospace Company Gets Defensible
Explore how this aerospace company leveraged Advanced Rendering technology to improve their vital contract management process.
Fielding Assignments and Cutting Fraud
Fielding Assignments and Cutting Fraud
Fielding Assignments and Cutting Fraud
Learn how this educational institution used Adlib to determine the correct identity of the student and reduce fraudulent acts.
Automating Critical Document Workflows
Automating Critical Document Workflows
Automating Critical Document Workflows
Hear how this manufacturing organization automated compliance by going to a server-based solution that integrated with OpenText.

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