About Adlib

Since the company's inception in 1998, Adlib's products have been designed to adapt to the unique requirements of our customers in highly regulated industries who are dealing with large volumes of content. As our name "Adlib" suggests, we evolve and adapt to the industry as those requirements become more and more complex. Although we have grown considerably, our philosophy remains the same: to help our 5,500+ customers manage their unstructured content.

As the global leader in Advanced Rendering technology, Adlib helps organizations in the Energy, Life Sciences, Insurance, and Banking sectors, among others, enhance content-centric processes by unlocking the value in unstructured content. Integrating with key business tools, Adlib’s platform improves data extraction, classification, compliance, customer experience, collaboration and the long-term digital preservation of critical business information.

What you don’t know about your dark, dormant data CAN hurt you

Watch this webinar to dive into key Information Governance drivers and learn how effective classification and content preparation is helping companies position content for critical processes like content analytics.

Why Adlib

We asked some Adlib employees why customers choose Adlib and they had plenty to say about it!

Enabling Complete Information Governance

More than 5,500 organizations leverage Adlib technology worldwide. We help them to save millions of dollars each year by automating critical business processes, and we empower them to make intelligent business decisions by leveraging their organizational content. Our streamlined integration with leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Workflow solutions enable customers to gain control of unstructured content. Working with Adlib, organizations can:

  • Meet enterprise-wide information governance objectives
  • Conquer challenges such as content migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, and classification
  • Increase the efficiency of several document management processes including content standardization, data extraction, classification, and long-term digital preservation
  • Gain a true understanding of unstructured content
  • Decrease cost, time and errors associated with manual document workflows

At Adlib, our focus is on ensuring the success of our customers and partners by delivering enterprise-class technology that helps unlock the value in unstructured content.

Product and Company Overview with CEO, Peter Duff

CEO Peter Duff talks about Adlib’s software products and how customers can gain control over content chaos.

A Global Outlook

A Global Outlook

With feet on the ground all over the world – including the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia – Adlib is in tune with the various regulations and demands our customers face across the globe.

 Contact the Adlib office nearest you to discuss how you can begin your journey to complete Information Governance.