"One company stood out in terms of integration, ease of installation, and support: Adlib Software. Learning Adlib takes only a couple of hours. It is so straightforward that we were able to write a guide for our offshore teams without hiring an external consultant."

Project Manager at McKesson Corporation

Keith Parent

"Adlib Software has made documents come alive for us. As an enterprise-grade data enrichment platform, Adlib Elevate not only handles OCRs for documents, but intelligently pulls data from several documents and ties them together."

Keith Parent
Founder & CEO at Court Square Group.


“Adlib gives us the flexibility to make more than just a bare PDF. Adlib gives us the ability to create a document that meets the customer's needs—exactly the way they want it.”

Lane Hirning
Product Management Director at MasterControl


"Before Adlib, it would’ve taken me about 30 minutes to convert a small form and between two or three hours for a big form. Today, we convert about 20 forms per month. What took me a month to do using Adlib, probably would’ve taken me a year without it."

Principal, Implementation Engr/Appl Dsgnr, E-Business & Collaboration at LyondellBasell