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Manage Regulatory, Operational & Compliance Risks Across Unstructured Data While Reducing TCO


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Unstructured Data Exposure

80% of data generated across highly regulated industries is unstructured and presents compliance and audit risks.

Life Sciences

  • Trial & Research Documentation
  • Adverse Effects Reports
  • Quality Management
  • Manufacturing & Logistics


  • Construction & Engineering Drawings
  • Maintenance & Inspection Reports
  • Production Reports
  • Federal Regulatory Filings


  • Claims submissions
  • New Policies
  • Quotes & Premium Notices
  • Reinsurance Contracts


  • Production Documentation
  • Equipment & Maintenance Records
  • QA Test Results
  • Environmental Safety Data Sheets


  • Registers & Archives
  • Public Notices & Announcements
  • Legislation & Executive Orders
  • Treaties & International Agreements

Financial Institutions

  • Valuation Models
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Portfolio Performance Reports
  • Account Transactions
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What Are The 4 Ways Unstructured Data Presents Risks For Your Business?


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Architecture To Manage Unstructured Data
Adlib automates the process of turning your unstructured data into compliant Documents of Record.

Enterprise-Grade Document Processing Solution Pillars

Document Ingestion: Ability to support 300+ file types and native connectivity to existing Enterprise Content Management Systems

Auto-creation of Documents of Record: File ingestion rules based on metadata and publishing automation

Metadata & Document Lineage: Continuous log of document changes

Publishing Requirements: 1 to 1 rendering, 100% searchability, custom auto-formatting, and 100+ global language support

Document Security & Archival Policies: Automatic encryption and long-term preservation in the PDF/A format
High-Performance Architecture & Auto-Scaling: High volume output with low demand on resources and zero  downtime for maintenance
Performance Analytics: Real-time and historical usage dashboard including KPIs for number of documents/pages processes, job errors, etc
Job Monitoring: Ability to manage spikes in demand by prioritizing critical jobs
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What Are Documents Of Record and How Do They Ensure A Path To Compliant Document Repositories?

Adlib Whitepaper - Documents Of Record Social Web

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Adlib is the best-in-class document conversion and transformation platform that delivers unsurpassed accuracy, automation, and third-party integration.

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and ingest multiple file types from any content source.



and assemble individual files into cohesive, user-defined documents.



files from a variety of formats into readable and searchable PDF files.



documents by adding headers, footers, watermarks, tables of contents and more. 



and deposit files into user-specified locations across the enterprise.


Expert Insights Guide

15 Must-Have Document Transformation Features

Many businesses struggle with managing unstructured data within company documents resulting in productivity loss, project delays, and ineffective audit and compliance readiness.

A document transformation platform helps businesses effectively clean up unstructured documents, automate manual processes, and meet regulatory obligations.

Download this Expert Insights Guide to learn about key considerations for an enterprise document transformation platform.


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Adlib Delivers

Superior Document Transformation

  • 300+ File Type Compatibility

  • 100+ World Languages

  • Upstream & Downstream Integration

  • Superior File Conversion

  • Multi-Layer Document Security

  • Automated Output Formatting

  • 100% Machine-Readable Quality

  • Archival PDF/A Output

  • Enterprise-Grade Scalability

  • Near-Zero Downtime 

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Seamless Integration With Leading Front-End Business Partners


Adlib provides reliable compatibility with existing technology platforms and content management systems, ensuring consistent output across the enterprise. 

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Adlib Can Help!

Our Document Transformation Experts look forward to hearing about your current business challenges, and helping your organization achieve more intelligent business operations.