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Better data, better results

The Adlib Content Intelligence Platform

Eighty percent of enterprise data is locked away in forms that can’t be accessed using traditional means. Adlib automatically finds and leverages vital information from every document and data source across your  enterprise, so you can address risk and unearth new opportunities

Elevate your business

Do you know where risk and opportunity is hiding?

The Adlib Content Intelligence Platform

  • Word Documents
  • Email Systems
  • Repositories
  • File shares
  • Legacy Content
  • CAD Drawings
  • ECMs
  • Servers


Adlib Content Intelligence platform opportunity

Multiple sources, any format

Discover — Bring Your Content Together

Automatically discover volumes of content from multiple sources, in any format. Easily understand your current content, including data that is duplicated, trivial and just plain obsolete – isolating the high-value content for additional processing.


Discover - Bring Your Content Together

Perfectly structured data

Prepare — Produce Standardized Searchable Content

Unlike other solutions, Adlib’s works with any format, ensuring high quality and fully searchable documents with intelligent recognition of complex content flow. Deep analysis automatically identifies content types, duplicates, signatures and potential PII, creating and enriched document set for classification and extraction.

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Prepare - Produce Standardized Searchable Content

Fully transparent data

Enrich — Classify & Extract to Surface Data

You don’t need to be a data scientist to use our platform. With Adlib, anyone in your organization can uncover the data they need to accelerate workflows, address risk, and bolster business performance. Quickly build, train, and deploy models that perform human-like document classification and data extraction—only faster, more scalable and with greater accuracy.

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Enrich - Classify & Extract to Surface Data

Easy-to-use visualizations

Review — Revealing Insight

Properly classified, metadata rich content can now be reviewed, sorted and filtered with easy-to-use visualizations and reporting for data-driven insights and decisions.

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Review - Revealing Insight

Intelligent data that Delivers 

Deliver — Provide the Insight

Clean, structured data is automatically delivered to the people, processes and technology that thrive on it including Contract Lifecycle Management systems, Intelligence & Analytics platforms, Enterprise Content Management repositories, Robotic Process Automation workflows, Business Process Management and Data Lakes.

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Deliver - Provide the Insight

The Content Intelligence Platform
Taking Business to New Heights

Cloud-enabled, scalable and secure, our platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to discover, cleanse, classify, and extract vital data from unstructured content across your enterprise.

Drive True End-to-End Automation
Drive True End-to-End Automation
Fuel Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with clean, structured data. Reduce manual effort and achieve true end-to-end process automation, allowing knowledge workers to focus on higher value activities.
Simplify Compliance
Simplify Compliance
Reduce compliance risk with true data transparency and automate how content is acquired, accessed, leveraged, and delivered. Address data privacy, GDPR, CCPA, PII, Brexit, LIBOR, IFRS 17 and any other emerging regulations with confidence.
Gain New Levels of Content Intelligence
Find and Address Risk
Gain complete visibility into content stored across your enterprise. Find and address contractual obligations and compliance issues in your documents and create a robust risk-remediation plan.
Spark Innovation and Gain Market Share
Spark Innovation and Gain Market Share
Unlock insights from dark data stored across your enterprise to reveal new product and service opportunities, create more value for your client base and increase retention, loyalty and overall customer satisfaction.
Boost Your Digital Transformation ROI
Boost Your Digital Transformation ROI
Realize your digitally focused future, today. With Adlib, Intelligent Data helps you become the innovative digital enterprise you need to be for your customers, employees, and shareholders.
Deliver a Winning Customers Experience
Customer experience is your brand. When you use Intelligent Data to automate what doesn’t add value, you can focus on what does: delivering a fast, friendly, empathetic customer experience.
Accelerate Time to Business Goals
Get the power of automation and AI to quickly find the data-driven answers to your questions that are locked in volumes of complex unstructured content, including content from Office, Email, PDF, Scanned Images and over 300+ other formats.