June 9, 2024

Robust Document Delivery

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Robust Document Delivery: Exploiting Business Content

This post is on document transformation for leaders striving to better access and leverage enterprise-wide content.

Enterprises expecting to thrive in the digital age need to make agility and resiliency part of their ethos. To mitigate risk and make strategic business decisions quickly, executives need insight into their companies to better understand what they are working with. For many businesses, though, much of this valuable information is scattered across silos and in various unstructured formats. Manual attempts to corral and leverage content are expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective.

According to IDC, when most companies are trying to solve a problem, 75% of the time is spent preparing the data.

Business leaders need a cost-effective, scalable, efficient means to capture and manage data immediately accessible to downstream workflows. However, the next step in the content lifecycle, delivering data, comes with its own unique set of challenges. Documents can come from web portals, emails, or any number of other inputs, and delivering them without losing fidelity can be difficult. Files can be large, complex, and challenging to get to the people who need them quickly. There is also an element of risk when sharing documents with recipients outside an organization.


Document process automation and management efforts are for naught if high-value data is not made accessible. Adlib’s document transformation platform has a proven delivery capability because it automatically gets high-quality documents and data to the right people securely and in the correct format to help them assess risk, make profitable business decisions, and deliver a better customer experience.

Fit for Purpose

The goal of delivering information is to empower employees to do their jobs better. Distributing inaccessible or large cumbersome files is antithetical to driving efficiency. Documents and content need to be fit for purpose across channels.

Sharing Across the Web

Ideally, users can compress documents into a manageable size without jeopardizing visual fidelity, whether delivered via a portal, intranet, extranet, or email.

For instance, a field worker in the oil and gas sector may need access to a CAD drawing to facilitate faster troubleshooting or maintenance. CAD files are notoriously large and complex, with multiple layers. Automatically converting CAD documents into searchable PDFs gives them full access and can reduce file sizes by 90%. These compact, high-quality documents can be accessed by employees at an off-site location via a web portal and opened on any device. Engineers can quickly find what they are looking for since the PDFs are searchable and as accurate and detailed as the original CAD files.

Speedy document delivery over the web enables companies to increase efficiencies, bring products to market faster, and boost profits. Check out how this energy giant automatically converts all CAD drawings to shareable and compliant PDFs, saving tons of engineers time.

eCommunications with Customers

Being able to answer questions quickly enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty across industries. For instance, take an insurance customer requesting an update on a claim. Delivering an updated claims report that can open easily on any device will reassure customers that they are in good, capable hands when they feel most vulnerable. Customers can save or print reports and statements at their convenience.

By delivering valuable data electronically, companies will keep their existing customers happy and attract new ones.

In today’s hypercompetitive market, customers have demonstrated a willingness to take their business elsewhere if their expectations are not met.

Multi-channel input is an essential component of comprehensive data capture. Similarly, there are multiple channels involved in robust data delivery. While most documents are delivered digitally, some users still favor printing.

The CAD use case is a powerful example of printing with high visual fidelity. Maintaining line widths when printing a CAD file is essential to preserving the accuracy of a drawing. Yet, printing a CAD drawing in color is expensive and might be unnecessary. Converting a color CAD drawing into highly accurate black and white and grayscale saves resources without skimping on accuracy.

Rigorous Reporting

Most industries have at least one regulatory body watching over them to keep people and societies safe. Companies are mandated to report regularly on their activities, a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Automatically creating compliance reports from multiple sources and formats into clean, consistent PDF document packages, including navigation, hyperlinks, and bookmarks, allows companies to get the information out without burdening their organizations.

The FDA and EMA are among the many regulatory agencies that require information from their customers. The submission requirements for each organization may vary, including how the data is structured and packaged. Being able to automatically assemble easily navigable PDF documents that meet the expectations of any governing body will enable life sciences companies to get their drugs, vaccines, and devices to market faster.

Deliver with Control

Whether documents are distributed internally or delivered outside an organization, users often need control over what they share. Applying watermarks and stamps makes it harder to share a document unintentionally. In addition, an employee can use PDF security measures on documents sent outside a business, so recipients cannot print, edit, modify, or sign them.

The Final Verdict

Considering the sheer volume of data most companies must confront, it’s no wonder that transforming documents into high-octane fuel can feel out of reach. Yet, having access to the right data enables leaders to anticipate the needs of their customers, grow revenue, and address competitive threats over the long term. Adlib’s document transformation platform empowers leaders to deliver valuable information into the hands of downstream stakeholders so they can respond with agility to the unexpected and be poised for success when the tide turns.

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