February 18, 2024

Hacks with Kunal: Document Transformation Performance & Analytics For Enterprise Scalability

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Hacks with Kunal: Document Transformation Performance & Analytics For Enterprise Scalability

“Adlib is constantly online and processing files nightly 24/7. Our organization can’t function without Adlib being operational. It is heavily embedded in the work we do.” - Cross Domain Developer, A Leading Center for Nuclear Energy Research

Adlib Transform High Performance Edition captures critical real-time and historical performance data enabling organizations with ability to prioritize urgent jobs and scale operations for greater efficiency and productivity.

Watch Kunal, Adlib's Principal Product Manager, demonstrate Adlib's improved performance, dashboard analytics and job prioritization functionalities.

Job Monitoring Dashboard & Performance Analytics

Get critical insights for better capacity demand management.

Track the following real-time and historical performance statistics to maintain high-demand momentum:

  • Number of pages processed
  • Breakdown of documents by size
  • Number of jobs/pages processed by each engine
  • Job success rate
  • Average time to completion
  • And more

Adlib automates document & compliance workflows with unmatched fidelity, speed, &  accuracy

Import & Convert

Adlib seamlessly integrates with your ECM to transform your content (MS files, CAD drawings, images, etc.) into universally accessible formats, enhancing cross-organizational collaboration and productivity.

Recognize & Enrich

Adlib process and converts volumes of enterprise documents into searchable formats and automatically inserts markups (watermarks, bookmarks, TOC, etc.), enhancing productivity and reducing manual processes.

Publish & Deliver

Adlib automatically merges individual documents and data into a streamlined file that is seamlessly delivered back into your ECM, ready to meet all the compliance and regulatory requirements.                  

April 10, 2024
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January 3, 2024
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March 3, 2018
Product Demo: Adlib Integration to EMC Documentum
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