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Global Insurance Companies Trust Adlib to:

  • Automate Claims Processing

  • Streamline New Policy Onboarding

  • Create Audit-Ready Documents of Record

  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance


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“With a click of a button, Adlib renders the file, adds our logo and watermark, and stores the file in the correct block storage it was programmed to.”

- Product Analyst, Lloyd’s Register Group Services


Shine light on dark and unstructured data to meet regulatory compliance.

Compliant Customer

Convert flat files into searchable documents to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank.


Automatically generate date-stamped documents of record to ensure smoother audits.

Improved Document

Follow industry best practices to ensure company and customer data security.


Automate time-consuming, error-prone, manual documentation processes.

Increase Operational Productivity

Automate tasks and reduce manual efforts needed to manage policy and claims documentation.

Improve Customer

Shorten response times during new customer application, onboarding, and claim submissions.

Streamline Quality

Improve quality planning, quality control, and quality assurance documentation processes.


Integrate seamlessly with existing claims management software systems.

Create a Document Repository

Assemble and maintain critical data within a centralized and accessible document repository.

System Silos

Reduce IT budgets and technology footprints via integration with existing tech-stacks.

Critical Data

Standardize unstructured files to create searchable, analytics-ready documents.

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How Adlib Helps
Insurance Companies


and ingest client-related and corporate files from any source.


from unsearchable formats into machine-readable and SOX-compliant PDFs.


and assemble multiple files into cohesive / digitally-tagged documents. 


documentation by adding headers, footers, watermarks, and tables of contents.


and save files into user-specified folders for downstream processing.


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Customer Success Stories

When Documentation Systems Failed, A North-American Insurance Leader Switched to Adlib

With antiquated technologies that could no longer integrate with current software systems, the corporation needed a technology platform that could automate PDF rendering and deliver fast and accurate data output across the enterprise.

Client Showcase:  A Leading Insurance Company

The company depends on Adlib to create accurate and searchable documents that expedite claims processing,
improve user experiences, and integrate with existing upstream and downstream technologies.

Adlib Helps A Multinational Insurance Company Eliminate Multiple Touchpoints for Email Rendering

When the corporation needed a best-in-class archival documentation solution, the multinational insurance
company turned to Adlib for help. In less than 7 months, Adlib eliminated the need for a multiple touchpoint interface environment.

Featured Resources

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Case Study

Adlib PDF rendering helps modernize an insurance company’s claims processing system & document management workflow

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Advanced Rendering:
Business Process Efficiency Through Document Transformation


Digital Transformation in Insurance

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Best Practices For Effective Document Archival

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The Finer Points of Document Security

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