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The Challenge

LyondellBasell is a multinational chemical company with teams located around the world requiring access to engineering drawings. The company stores these documents in Documentum, and was previously formatting documents for upload using a console-based application which was lacking in monitoring functions and technical support, and which converted documents into an image format that was not text searchable. The company found themselves searching for a better document conversion solution for converting AutoCAD and MicroStation files into readable documents accessible to their global team.

The Solution

LyondellBasell replaced their old rendering package and implemented an Adlib conversion system for rendering their engineering drawings. The resultant PDF files are accessible enterprise-wide on any device, and fully text-searchable. Administrators are able to prevent backlogs with real-time monitoring capabilities of the document queue, and enjoy enhanced technical support than with other tools. Administrators found the Adlib platform more straightforward than the previous rendering package, and were able to reduce the time needed to learn and train across teams.