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Extract from 300+ File Formats

Stop stressing about formats. Our solution extracts from more than 300 file types regardless of document category including insurance claims, lease agreements, supplier agreements, complex contracts and much more.

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Accelerate Compliance to Avoid Stress

Discover and Clean Data

Our out-of-the box connectors allow you to access more of the data that matters to you. Analyze, deduplicate and remove ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial) content you no longer need clogging up your workflows.

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Increase Straight-Through Automation with AI

Now you can verify classification tags and extracted data to train and enhance AI models to increase straight-through automation and help your Centers of Excellence accelerate decisions.

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Seamless Integration for Digital Transformation

Feed data to digital transformation investments. Our data extraction solution integrates seamlessly with your existing technology platforms and repositories.

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Eliminate the Risk of “Dark” Data (And Find its Value)

Instant Scalability with High Security

Unlike niche tools, Adlib’s cloud solution is a scalable, secure platform that creates the highest quality data from the broadest collection of formats.

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