Gain Control of Unstructured Data with Intelligent Data Extraction

February 17, 2021

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Whether it’s in claims forms, emails, commercial contracts, CAD diagrams, clinical trial documentation, or another document type, 90 percent of enterprise content is unstructured. This unstructured data may be valuable, confidential, business-critical, but is difficult to find and manage. This results in significant "dark data,” information that’s buried or hidden within your organizational documents.

How can you find and understand this potentially vital data, without spending thousands of hours combing through documents by hand? Intelligent Data Extraction can ease the burden.

What is Intelligent Data Extraction?

As the enterprise content management (ECM) market has evolved, data capture has gone from merely the physical transformation or scanning of paper documents to including digitally born content. Intelligent Data Extraction enables organizations to take digitally born or post-scan paper content to a new level and extract critical information from dark data.

Intelligent Data Extraction enables organizations to take digitally born or post-scan paper content to a new level—extracting critical information from “dark data.”

Data extraction supports organizations by optimizing their day-to-day content management functions, automatically identifying content within repositories (and zones within content) that are of greatest interest, and seamlessly converting them to XML or other formats ready for further downstream processing, from managerial review to big data analytics.

How Can Adlib Help?

Adlib’s Data Extraction and capture capabilities enable organizations to automate the intelligent ingestion and processing of digitally born or post-scan paper content. Adlib’s Content Intelligence platform allows you to extract insights and unlock value from your unstructured data by applying:

1. Enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques
2. Image comparison technology
3. Content/flow analysis
4. Document cleansing
5. PDF interpretation

The result is improved operational efficiency, reduced risk, and the ability to deliver a superior customer experience.

In addition to having pre-built connectors for leading repositories like OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA, OpenText and IBM FileNet, Adlib integrates with workflow tools, scanning repositories, multi-function printer outputs, email applications, fax systems, web forms, and other points of content onboarding, allowing you to access Content Intelligence from any point in the document lifecycle.

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