Building an Enterprise Document Repository, 10 things you need to think about.

August 31, 2022

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As the world becomes more digital, the complexity of managing all our content has increased. To combat this, many organizations are now embarking on initiatives to create enterprise document repositories for compliance, regulatory, and disaster recovery needs.

From our experience at Adlib, here’s what we know:

Document Decisions

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint may be the most prevalent formats that need to be transformed into a PDF, but they are by no means the only formats you may encounter. In fact, images of scanned documents, Computer Aided Design documents, or detailed drawings from programs like Visio, may be integral to your company’s needs. To create an Enterprise Document Repository, you first need to take stock of what documents are a part of your enterprise and what needs to be transformed.

Digging for Data Gold

One of the key functions of an Enterprise Data Repository is to deliver “readability and searchability” across all documents present, no matter the format. A repository is only searchable if it can look through all content within the document, such as text and embedded images, transform elements into a readable format, and ensure your organization can search through it all seamlessly. For example, these could range from insurance claims, clinical trial elements in the life sciences sector, or even CAD designs in the energy sector. Getting to know your data starts with being able to search through it – we make this easier!

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Submissions Galore

Are you worried about meeting all the requirements for your next regulatory submission? Look no further. Adlib Software can create proper formatting, including color settings for hyperlinks, create custom headers, footers, or watermarks, and help you meet regulatory requirements and speed up approval times.

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No Misrepresentation

Presenting exact PDFs may be a critical need for end users of an Enterprise Data Repository. So is being able to render documents from the original or the PDF, ensuring originality. Both are possible when integrating Adlib into your Enterprise Data Repository; no detail will be left behind.

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Forget Me Not

With every new compliance need, comes a need to return to the past. The ability to publish and store documents in PDF/A format beyond a certain date is an immediate plus. Never forget another document again.

Architecture Fit

As native sources encounter documents and render them into PDFs, per a given organization’s rules, they must be deposited in a repository of choice. Our experience is that this is best served by a series of APIs that have been tested and implemented to deliver rendered documents to the repository of choice.

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How do I know it’s working?

Humans are curious creatures. It stands to reason that, much like other processes, document administrators want to understand the operational integrity of their Enterprise Data Repository. When are your native documents being submitted and when are they being processed? These are important questions that deserve answers, and so having access to the metadata associated with the rendering process to deliver PDF documents is something we value, too.

24/7 Capacity

For many enterprises, there is a window in which the volume and complexity of documents have to be transformed. We believe that having the capability to engineer performance and maintenance windows for your needs is another important consideration when choosing a document rendering system.

Is it Safe?

Cybersecurity has become a necessity in every technology implementation. This applies to document rendering systems as well, especially given how they communicate with source systems and deliver rendered documents to repositories.

Talk to Adlib Software

Adlib Software has been in the document transformation business over the past 20 years. We serve institutions across multiple industries including Life Sciences, Energy, Insurance, Financial Services and Governments. Our commitment to delivering high quality document rendering software is reflected through our continued investment in our Transform Platform, that serves as the foundation for rendering millions of documents annually across the globe.

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