High Value Document Management in Energy/Utilities Organizations

October 30, 2014

3 minute read

Managing the documentation associated with energy and utilities organizations can be a massive undertaking. 

Whether it’s during construction projects, safeguarding as-built documentation for the long term, or complying with government and industry rules and regulations; you need easy and efficient collaboration and streamlined workflows to deal with the volumes of information.

Many energy and utilities organizations rely on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions as a key repository for critical business content; combining secure information storage with workflow and process management capabilities.  Often, though, an ECM solution might not be enough to make the document management and archiving process as efficient and effective as possible for your unique business.

What can help are add-on solutions that enhance the power of ECM.  They can give you a user-friendly interface that’s adapted to your unique industry, with industry-standard workflows.  They can also help you enhance the usefulness of your documentation – rendering it in universal formats that are transportable and readable for you and your business partners, and archivable for the long term:  regardless of the source application used to create it.

Using key partnerships to enhance customer experience with IBM FileNet

As a developer of Advanced Rendering capabilities, Adlib gives you sophisticated PDF conversion capabilities across the enterprise.  We also partner with McLaren Software to help ensure that critical content is managed securely and archived efficiently. 

Coupled with McLaren’s user-friendly interface, which allows users to access data and manage workflows more effectively, Adlib’s PDF technology raises the bar on the already superior capabilities of IBM FileNet for the energy/utilities industry:

  • To enhance collaboration, Adlib helps you transform different types of content from multiple sources into more manageable and usable formats – including combining multiple content sources into a single, professional document that’s easy to find, view and distribute.
  • To increase workflow efficiency, Adlib helps you automate the conversion of all types of content – including documents, drawings and email – into high-fidelity, fully text-searchable PDFs.
  • To improve archive management, Adlib helps you support long-term access to content without having to utilize native applications,  by automating conversion of content to PDF/A and ensuring content is available in perpetuity.
  • To improve regulatory compliance processes, Adlib’s Advanced Rendering tool enables the assembly of compliant-ready PDF documents

Live webinar to discuss how Adlib and McLaren help companies leverage investment in FileNet

Want to know more?  Attend our webinar on November 5th at 12pm CST, titled: Leveraging PDF Technology to Enhance Engineering Document Change Control and Records Management

Why not join us for this webinar? We’ll explore questions such as:

  • What is the best way to handle long term archiving requirements - PDFs vs PDF/A
  • Is there an automated way to validate the integrity of a PDF file without visual inspection?
  • How can I guarantee 100% fidelity when converting complex document types like drawings?
  • How do I automate PDF production across various engineering processes?

If you manage volumes of information throughout a project lifecycle – and beyond – it’s worth your while to investigate how you can improve document management, collaboration and archiving.  Join us November 5, 2014 at 12pm CST.

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P.S. Don’t have time to attend?  If you register, we’ll send you a link to the recorded event.

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