Long-Term Digital Preservation

Preserve your unstructured content by leveraging PDF/A technology from Adlib

With the increase in strict regulatory requirements, federal laws in the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Australia and more often require archiving periods of at least 10 years for business documents:

However, technology and document formats continue to rapidly evolve over time. Given the increasing regulatory need to access data many years in the future, organizations require an internally accepted document format that is non-rewritable, non-erasable and platform-agnostic: the PDF/A.

Advanced Rendering from Adlib makes this possible as it enables the long-term preservation of unstructured content, digitally-born or otherwise, with the automatic conversion of content into PDF/A format--the defacto global standard for long-term document storage--that is also fully searchable, regardless of original file format. Adlib currently supports all the PDF/A standards - parts 1, 2 and 3; and conformance levels a, b and u. Adlib is an active member of the PDF/A Competence Center.

The technology behind the long-term digital preservation of unstructured content

The PDF/A format is self-contained, meaning the file has everything it needs to view its contents in the future, which ensures long-term accuracy and accessibility of your information.

Ideal for:

  • Organizations in a broad cross-section of industries who realize the value and necessity of preserving critical documents for the long-term.
  • Systems Integrators that need to deliver solutions to customers that address complex document problems, including the preservation of critical documents for the long-term. Systems Integrators interested in working with Adlib should join the Adlib Partner Plus Program.

PDF/A: The Standard for Storing Content for the Long Term

Does your organization have a plan in place for long term document storage?  Download the FREE white paper to find out how to ensure your important documents’ fidelity and integrity in the years ahead with PDF/A, the global ISO standard for archiving.

Best Practices

  • Convert over 400 formats to PDF/A, the widest range of document formats supported
  • Utilize tight integration within your ECM, including Microsoft SharePointEMC Documentum and more, for seamless, automated archiving
  • Ensure perfectly rendered documents created by Adlib, an active member of the PDF/A Competence Centre. Adlib’s validation tools are highly accurate and can ensure organizations are creating documents that comply with every aspect of the ISO standard
  • Meet compliance and privacy regulations by converting medical, financial or other records to PDF/A

The Role and Use of PDF in Records Retention

Check out this white paper by the Scientific Archivists Group on how to best use PDF for records retention.


  • Content tagging: Make content accessible to the visually impaired through content tagging which allows viewability on screen readers
  • Storage management: Embed fonts, images, and other content components in order to render the content consistently, and ensure content is managed and stored appropriately
  • Amendment of documents: Ensure title, author, dates, and copyright with the XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) standard can be added to content
  • PDF to PDF/A Repair: Automatically correct a wider range of issues associated with legacy PDFs to maximize the number that will become a valid and accessible PDF/A
  • Optimal fidelity and searchability: Extend searchability by taking documents that arrive as images and turn them into a searchable, validated PDF/A, allowing the content to be properly leveraged by the company. Other solutions simply wrap the image with a PDF/A wrapper, which loses the true value of the content

Long-term Digital Preservation – Emails

Content Management Experts Roger and Rupin tell us how to manage those important, must-keep emails over a long period of time.

Use Cases

Archiving for the Long Term
Archiving for the Long Term
Archiving for the Long Term
Explore how this medical systems firm integrated document conversion with SharePoint and K2 to archive DHF documents.
Creating an Archive for Fallen Heroes
Creating an Archive for Fallen Heroes
Creating an Archive for Fallen Heroes
Find out how this national government organization automated their archiving process by integrating Adlib into SharePoint and created compelling stories for end users.

Find a solution to enable long-term digital preservation of content

Looking to explore solutions to ensure all of your vital business information is stored effectively, is easily searchable and supports compliance, collaboration and other critical business processes? Adlib has partnered with some of the top integrators in the world to develop solutions which preserve business information for the long term while improving the "findability" of content. Click below to find a solution that will work for you.


Leveraging PDF technology, BlueCielo helps Life Sciences and Energy organizations to capture and control critical engineering data, bringing it into the content management mainstream to harness its power for the business.


Leveraging Adlib PDF, fme delivers proven and trusted data migration to customers in the Life Sciences, Industrial Manufacturing and Financial Services industries.


Leveraging Adlib PDF, McLaren delivers content management solutions to asset intensive environments to improve the execution of capital projects.


The Adlib-Netcompany partnership leverages each organization’s focus and expertise in the case management arena.


Leveraging Advanced Rendering technology, the Strator Redaction Editor helps organizations reduce risk and improve the security of redacting sensitive content...

What's Your Story?

Exploring the pitfalls and opportunities one organization faces as they aim to manage content effectively enterprise-wide


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