Is Content Management Broken?

April 13, 2016

2 minute read

In November we hosted a conversation on Adlib Software Twitter discussing several questions around the topic of Information Governance. Some interesting perspectives emerged, like:

  • IG in North America is skewed toward paper, where Europe has more digital; Europe also tends to have more alignment in general to standards
  • Classification/categorization/taxonomy: these terms are often used interchangeably. Users don’t care. They just want to find their stuff.
  • The evolution of ECM: a 2015 Forrester ECM survey showed that 86% of companies are looking to increase ECM adoption and 37% want to standardize on one system

If you know Adlib, you know we love talking tech with our customers, partners and industry peers. Through webinars, trade shows and other types of events, we’ve been chatting a lot about Information Governance lately – and how technology like Content Fingerprinting™-enabled Progressive Classification fuels IG success.

Twitter Chat Next Tuesday!

Another tidbit you may know about us is that we’re always looking for new and innovative channels to connect with our audience – that’s you! – to share stories and information around the improvement of business processes.

To that end, we’ll be hosting our next Twitter Chat on April 19 around six key questions that Information Governance leaders may be pondering for their own organization. The topic hashtag to follow is #IGwithAdlib and it will take place from 10-11am EST.

So what is a Twitter Chat anyway?

Adlib’s Twitter Chat will be a 60-minute moderated discussion which takes place on Twitter, with the purpose being to share knowledge and answer questions on relevant and thought-provoking issues related to Information Governance. All you have to do to join the conversation is “follow” the hashtag #IGwithAdlib at the time of the event.

Here’s a sneak peak at some questions that will be addressed…

  • Why is classification broken?
  • Why Smart Data is better than Big Data
  • How Dark Data can impact Digital Transformation

You’ll have to join the Twitter Chat to learn more – looking forward to connecting at #IGwithAdlib!

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