Complimentary Content Coaching program opens dialogue about complex content challenges

September 1, 2015

2 minute read

Have you ever read/watched a story that made you realize that one of your most trusted, reliable tools was actually capable of so much more than you realized?

And that made it not only valuable but indispensable to your everyday life?

This can happen with technology too. Sometimes it just takes someone else to point out the amazing or innovative ways to use something you thought was generally single-purpose to unveil a whole new world of possibility.

We can do that with technology. Let me explain.

I'll assume you know (or think you know) what Adlib software is all about. You're wrong. I mean it, all of you, all wrong. It doesn't surprise us anymore but it used to - having a face to face conversation with a customer - telling stories about the cool things we've seen over recent memory. Invariably, and I mean that, every…time, there is a 'huh…I had no idea' moment with the customer.

It's not surprising really.  You find a solution to a problem you have in front of you, it works, company and its people are great, you buy and deploy. Next. You've got a thousand other things to worry about.

What we enjoy is sharing the dozens of stories we learn about every day and seeing the 'light bulb' go off (repeatedly) with a customer who thought they knew what our technology could do for them.

Content Coaching (previously PDF Therapy) is just that, working with customers in a two-way process that teaches both sides about the full potential that can be realized. We get as much from the sessions as our customers do. We always learn something. Our goal however is to teach, see the light bulbs go off as someone realizes that they can do so much more, solve other immediate real-time problems with technology they already have up and running. It's awesome.


Imagine you use Adlib today to archive all of your unstructured content to searchable PDF/A for long-term archival. Millions of documents from dozens of sources handled transparently and automatically. Would you think about using that same technology to create thumbnails for use in your corporate portal for consumption on mobile/web devices? How about up front at the capture stage to turn scanned images into searchable content before it gets migrated into your repository for routing or storage? Better yet, extract information from specific zones on incoming content and add it as metadata so that it can be automatically classified. How about taking a process handled manually by your knowledge workers - like building client proposals - and automating it to create merged PDFs complete with Tables of Contents, stamps and the company logo?

The stories are endless.

We see it all the time. Turning something that was a trusted, reliable solution to one important problem and realizing it can do so much more for you with a little creativity…and a little coaching.

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