What Enterprises Need: The Business Series

July 21, 2011

3 minute read

This is the first in a weekly series aimed at business users within enterprises. We will look at what they need to be successful when it comes to content transformation – covering topics such as cost reduction via consolidation of your systems, ROI as indicated by employee productivity and process efficiency gains, customer satisfaction, compliance issues, partner and supply chain collaboration, and competitiveness.

Today’s enterprises are challenged to devise strategies that deal with their various types of content and implement products that efficiently automate, manage and preserve the entire lifecycle of that content, company-wide.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Microsoft® SharePoint® are emerging as leading technologies to deal with this challenge by extending content governance and best practices across the enterprise. In fact, many enterprises have multiple ECM platforms; AIIM’s State of the ECM Industry 2011 states that “72% of larger organizations have 3 or more ECM/DM/RM systems and 25% have 5 or more.”

In addition, enterprises have other types of systems such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems like Dassault‘s ENOVIA, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP.  But implementing an ECM, PLM or ERP solution doesn’t solve the problem of automating the process to get enterprise content transformed into the right format for efficient re-purposing, without the need for time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual intervention.

To be competitive and reduce costs, can your organization afford not to…

  • Eliminate delays, errors and costs associated with unnecessary manual intervention to complete business processes
  • Increase consistency and reduce costs through improved internal compliance
  • Consolidate IT services and resources
  • Increase employee, partner and supply chain collaboration
  • Optimize investment in ECM solutions through the addition of  content transformation
  • Preserve and protect precious company intellectual property

These requirements have created the need for Enterprise Content Transformation. Join us every week for the next six weeks as we blog about the business needs met by today’s content transformation solutions.

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