5-Step Guide to Successful End-to-End Process Automation
Posted 30 April 2019 8:00 AM by Scott Mackey

Process automation holds the promise of improving workflows but only if a thorough planning process is followed – one that integrates a strategy to prepare any unstructured data for automation.

How to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experiences with RPA in Banking
Posted 11 February 2019 1:29 PM by Sheri McQueen

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers an exciting opportunity within the banking sector to improve efficiencies and enhance the customer experience, but only when the system is fueled with high-quality data.

How to Overcome Enterprise RPA Challenges
Posted 30 January 2019 3:06 PM by Fahad Muhammad

Robotic Process Automation gives enterprises an innovative opportunity to increase their overall operational efficiency, reduce costs and limit manual labor but not without clean, accessible, high-quality data to fuel their RPA systems.

Data: The Secret to Robotic Process Automation
Posted 3 January 2019 1:10 PM by Jason Mitrow

Robotic Process Automation presents an unprecedented advantage when it comes to business process automation. The only trouble is that RPA requires clean and organized, high-quality data in order to work best.

5 Digital Transformation Predictions for 2019
Posted 21 December 2018 7:37 AM by Scott Mackey

We compare the theory of group formation to the adoption of digital transformation, exploring the top 5 digital transformation and workflow automation trends we expect to see happen in 2019.

Posted 13 February 2012 2:37 PM by Paul Dyck

It looks pretty calm in this video of me chatting at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011 – but in reality, there were people sitting around, on their laptops and mobile phones.

Posted 7 June 2011 8:43 PM by Jean Ouellette

This is the fourth installment in our weekly technical blog series about Enterprise Content Transformation: What Enterprises Need. The series kicked off with an overview of the reasons your organization needs an ECT platform, and has covered the importance of linear scalability and high availability when investing in business applications.

Posted 3 June 2011 8:43 PM by Riley O'Brien Wolff

SPTechCon Boston 2011 has been a busy place for us this week; we exhibited there and met many of the 900+ attendees, many of them talking to us about using Adlib for meeting compliance in the government sector.

Posted 7 March 2011 8:43 PM by Scott Mackey

It’s good to be ahead of the curve.

We’ve long been in the business of providing automated tools to improve the efficiency of business processes with Adlib’s content transformation solutions. According to leading market analyst Gartner, the future of IT services within enterprises reflects exactly what we do.

Posted 4 March 2011 8:43 PM by Scott Mackey

The geeks in the back office have to start dressing better; they’re no longer hiding in the basement behind locked doors. The C-level execs are starting to watch.