Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Digital Transformation
in Financial Services

The financial services industry is facing fundamental shifts that test enterprises’ ability to remain nimble, responsive, and relevant. The ‘08/09 financial crisis has given rise to a new regulatory landscape. Customers are more dialed into data security than ever, and online and mobile technology has forever changed how customers save, spend, and invest their money. To keep pace with evolving regulatory requirements, data security concerns, and customer expectations, financial services companies must bring digital transformation to every level of the enterprise.

“Banks that digitize can achieve a 20% increase in revenues and a 30% decline in expenditures. And wholesale-banking digitization programs can deliver a 12% reduction in cost-to-income ratios.”*

*Boston Consulting Group: How Digitized Customer Journeys Can Help Banks Win Hearts, Minds, and Profits

Whether it’s implementing an all-digital document-management strategy for your mailroom—or identifying and addressing the risk across millions of pages of contract documents—Adlib has the enterprise-grade data enrichment solutions needed to facilitate digital transformation for financial services companies.

Digital Mailroom

Transform paper-intensive tasks, improve customer-facing processes, and automate critical workflows.

PII Security Compliance

Confidently identify, monitor, and protect the personally identifiable information (PII) that exists across the entire enterprise.

Contract Analytics

Automatically identify and address the risks contained within contract documents, while minimizing the disruption and manual resources required to adhere to compliance mandates.

Data Migration

Don’t just “lift and shift” your unstructured data—transform it into clean, searchable information with maximum strategic value.

Contract Analytics: The Missing Piece in Recovery & Resolution Planning

Read the white paper to learn how a leading financial services organization leveraged contract analytics to minimize the disruption and resources required to meet compliance mandates.

Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Adlib data-management experts Roger and Rupin explore the information governance and digital transformation trends impacting the financial services industry.

WEBINAR: Not Just Another GDPR Webinar

Most financial services organizations can’t prove what customer information was deleted, and from where, making the “Right to Be Forgotten” one of the hardest data subject rights to operationalize. Join this 30-minute web session to learn how to execute GDPR-driven procedures that are more sophisticated than simply finding and deleting personal information.

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Global Development & Investment Bank Enables Company-Wide Access to Critical Corporate Information

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Global Investment Bank Manages $3.3 Trillion of Credit Risk with Adlib's Extraction Software

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