Power Digital Transformation & Enhance Customer-Centric Processes

Adlib’s technology helps leading financial services organizations improve customer-centric document workflows and digital transformation processes. Our solutions are integral to how financial professionals around the globe consume, share, manage, and leverage vital data, research, and analytics. We provide a competitive advantage to those seeking to leverage their information to make better business decisions, protect and secure intellectual property, and provide an outstanding customer experience.

Finding Information Easily in any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System

Integrating with key business tools, including all leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, Adlib’s solutions are driven by the most powerful, enterprise-grade technology.

Ideal for:

  • Banking industry customers (debt resolution firms, credit unions, investment organizations, and commercial banks) interested in digitally transforming their organizations and optimizing processes (from content capture to output) that will strengthen customer acquisition, retention, and overall delivery of services.
  • Systems integrators seeking to solve their banking customers’ challenges with more powerful on-boarding, communications, contract analysis, and report processing solutions. Systems integrators interested in partnering with Adlib should join the Adlib Partner Plus program.

Datasheet: Adlib PDF for Banking

Adlib enables banking organizations to improve the efficiency of document-centric processes by integrating advanced, enterprise-grade technology into business systems.

Best Practices

  • Cater to your customers' needs by ensuring all content is available on multiple devices, enabling employees to provide a world-class customer experience.
  • Maintain customer loyalty by ensuring your employees have critical information at their fingertips to respond to demands.
  • Apply intelligent, rules-based document assembly, merging, and enhancements with headers, footers, watermarks, digital signatures, and security settings.
  • Meet audit and regulatory requirements by publishing to the ISO PDF/A standard for long-term preservation of data.
  • Implement document classification to identify and compare contracts, customer forms, and other documents using technologies like enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate de-duplication and extraction.
  • Migrate any content, including legacy files, between systems, departments, or even organizations using classification technology to identify the right files for transfer.

Solutions Enabled by Digital Transformation

  • Intelligent Data Extraction: Automatically pull meaningful content from stored documents to facilitate e-discovery, risk assessment, data analysis, digital transformation, and other governance goals.
  • Progressive Classification™: Know what data you have, where to find it, and what to do with it further downstream (such as defensible deletion, archiving, or routing to another repository).
  • Intelligent Content Compression: Take advantage of smaller file sizes for faster flow of information to brokers, executives, and analytics engines—facilitating increased collaboration and clearer decision-making.
  • Compliance: Improve the efficiency of the preparation of submissions to regulatory bodies (such as for Dodd-Frank, GLBA, GDPR, and FINRA) while reducing the chances of human error.
  • Long-Term Digital Preservation: Meet strict archiving demands by leveraging Adlib’s metadata-driven rules-based engine to automatically convert data and documents into PDF/A, the ISO standard for long term retention

Financial Services

Adlib data-management experts Roger and Rupin explore the information governance trends impacting the banking and insurance sectors.

Improving Accuracy and Customer Experiences
Improving Accuracy and Customer Experiences
Improving Accuracy and Customer Experiences
Learn how a leading banking organization improved customer confidence by automating the conversion of documents in SharePoint.
Enabling Company-Wide Information Access
Enabling Company-Wide Information Access
Enabling Company-Wide Information Access
Learn how this bank rendered Word, Excel and Photoshop documents overnight and added intelligent metadata to enhance access to critical corporate information.
Accelerating Money Manager Report Generation Through Automation
Accelerating Money Manager Report Generation Through Automation
Accelerating Money Manager Report Generation Through Automation
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Global Investment Bank Manages $3.3 Trillion of Credit Risk Using Adlib’s Extraction Software
Global Investment Bank Manages $3.3 Trillion of Credit Risk Using Adlib’s Extraction Software
Global Investment Bank Manages $3.3 Trillion of Credit Risk Using Adlib’s Extraction Software
Learn how this financial institution managed the credit risk within their contracts using Adlib’s extraction software.

Find a Banking Solution

Looking to facilitate an unbeatable customer experience? Adlib has partnered with some of the top integrators in the world to develop solutions uniquely suited to the needs of the banking industry. Utilize Adlib’s enterprise-grade technology to deliver unparalleled, metadata-driven content standardization functionality—enabling scalability and powering success with customer-centric processes. Click below to learn more.


Leveraging Advanced Rendering technology, the Strator Redaction Editor helps organizations reduce risk and improve the security of redacting sensitive content...

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