How to save $28,000 per year and increase your departmental efficiency

February 6, 2013

2 minute read

We can’t tell you who provided us with this picture, or from where it originated. We can tell you it’s an example of waste. Yes, that’s correct – waste.

Storing paper documents costs a lot.

• A Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) study found that every filing cabinet requires 8 square feet (0.743 square meters) of space, either leased or purchased, and insured, heated/cooled, and maintained.

How much time do workers spend traveling between desks and filing cabinets?

• PWC found the cost of employees’ time traveling back and forth to filing cabinets, plus the cost of the space, totaled $28,000 per year per filing cabinet.

Each four-drawer lateral filing cabinet holds approximately 20,000 sheets of paper.
How much is that per sheet?

$28,000 ÷ 20,000 pages = $1.40 per sheet.

To add insult to injury…

• A Butler Group study found 90% of documents have no useful business purpose.

So you’re paying the cost of real estate and utilities and insurance and labour to store piles of paper, at $1.40 per piece, 90% of which have no useful purpose.

If you have even one of these cabinets, is it because you’re too wealthy to care?
Of course not.

At Adlib we know you want to deliver the best possible service.
We know you’re under pressure – like never before – to find new efficiencies in every nook and cranny of every department.

And our proven, reference-able solution can help.

The solution to paper = significant savings
So move to Electronic Content Management (ECM). Sell your filing cabinets and free up more area. Then you’ll have the space and budget for workers who can help your department deliver the best service within the most efficient budget. 

When you convert content to PDF you put to use the information contained in those documents, to help support, enhance, and add value to key initiatives, such as…

• Information Management
• Records Management
• Access to information
• eDiscovery
• Enterprise search
• Case management
• Litigation support
• And more

Now that you know you’re spending too much on document storage, you can do something about reducing your costs.

And spend that $28,000 per year per cabinet somewhere else.

Take action nowbefore somebody captures a picture of YOUR wasteful filing cabinets.

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