Take Your Content to New Heights with Adlib Elevate™

Leverage your business’ unstructured content by turning it into useable and actionable information


The Adlib Elevate ™ platform, the foundation for the industry’s most powerful content solutions, is built on market-leading Advanced Rendering technology. Adlib helps enterprise organizations in the Life Sciences, Insurance, Banking, and Energy sectors, among others, enhance Information Governance objectives by unlocking the value in unstructured content.

Integrating with key repositories and applications, Adlib’s sophisticated solutions enable improved content migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, and classification. Organizations realize immediate value through Adlib’s industry-leading Content Elevation Process™, which consists of a robust, modular 4-phase method addressing Information Governance needs from end to end: Standardize, Analyze, Categorize, and Optimize.

This process ensures organizations have full visibility and understanding of their content, leading to greater control and the ability to meet enterprise-wide Information Governance objectives.

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Elevate your content. Transform your business. Presenting Adlib Elevate™.

Organizations that leverage their information have an incredibly powerful advantage. This video describes the key drivers behind innovative technologies like Adlib Elevate™ & explores how the platform is helping companies find, filter, focus and act on the business information that matters.

The Adlib Content Elevation Process

Through the Content Elevation Process organizations in highly regulated industries can not only meet their Information Governance goals, but also the challenges they face. Click on one of the challenges below to learn more about how Adlib can help in that area, or check out more details on one of the phases below to see how the process truly enables organizations to unlock the value in their unstructured content.


The Adlib Content Elevation Process Image Map

Meet Your Business Challenges Head On with Adlib Elevate

Content migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, classification – your business challenges are varied but they all have one thing in common: they cannot be solved without addressing unstructured content. Managing the content your organization produces – whether it’s print or digital, image or text – has a critical impact on how your company deals with these challenges.

Adlib Elevate, built on Adlib’s 15 years of delivering industry-leading content solutions to thousands of Global 500 customers, enables improved Information Governance across the organization.



  • Convert over 400 document types - including CAD files - to the ISO standard PDF format for consistent analysis
  • Transform image-only scans of paper documents into powerful high-definition digital files
  • Ensure your image files are text-searchable using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • De-duplicate your files and remove an average of 35% duplicate content


  • Determine the amount of content eligible for Progressive Classification
  • Understand what content you have and where it is
  • Interpret the text, graphics, and the overall flow of the content
  • Create a Content Fingerprint, a proprietary unique identifier encapsulating all the information in the source material, for each piece of content


  • Reduce dependence on end-user metadata tagging and automatically categorize your files into appropriate buckets or groupings
  • Assign a similarity index with an audit trail which aligns to regulatory compliance requirements
  • Uncover additional duplicates with the similarity index, and more importantly, identify near duplicate files for further exploration


  • Bring additional value to your information with Progressive Classification and route documents to further downstream processes including long-term digital storage, big data analytics, and more
  • Automate document enhancements including headers and footers, table of contents, indexes, watermarks, and more
  • Redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from your files or extract pertinent information and put it into a database
  • Decrease your file sizes to reduce storage costs using Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression
  • Route your content to repositories or other downstream processes such as workflows, Business Process Management (BPM) systems, Big Data or Business Intelligence Analytics engines, and more

Adlib Content Elevation Process™

How can you gain more insight into your organization's unstructured content? Learn what Adlib's Content Elevation Process™ can do for you.

The Platform: Your Foundation for Meeting Information Governance Objectives

The Adlib Elevate platform provides an unparalleled user experience. Developed in partnership with our customers, the UI is responsive and configurable, providing a clear visualization of the business processes. Organizations can add increased functionality, including Advanced Rendering and Progressive Classification - plus CAD-to-PDF standardization, Redaction, and Compression, in addition to Connectors to a number of Enterprise Content Management systems as their business goals change and grow.

Designed to save time and effort, the modernized Activiti Workflows deliver consistency and the ability to add custom engines. As Information Governance drivers and business goals change, organizations can add or remove functionality to ensure they are getting the most value from their unstructured content, and have the operational continuity to make strategic business decisions.

With Adlib Elevate, organizations can:

  • Take advantage of a responsive user experience
  • Easily deploy a platform that is flexible for future growth and change
  • Enable efficient and intuitive workflows and streamline business processes
  • Add on modules based on changing business needs
  • Implement the industry’s leading digital transformation technology as the foundation for downstream business processes

Product and Company Overview with CEO, Peter Duff

CEO Peter Duff talks about Adlib’s software products and how customers can gain control over content chaos.

Use Cases

Life Sciences Manufacturing Documentation Automated to Maximize Up Time and Achieve Compliance
Life Sciences Manufacturing Documentation Automated to Maximize Up Time and Achieve Compliance
Life Sciences Manufacturing Documentation Automated to Maximize Up Time and Achieve Compliance
Explore how this Life Sciences Manufacturing company gained control of huge volumes of content with the automation of document-centric processes.
Insurance company automates critical policy ingestion process to accelerate processing time and volume
Insurance company automates critical policy ingestion process to accelerate processing time and volume
Insurance company automates critical policy ingestion process to accelerate processing time and volume
Learn how Adlib helped this large insurance company automate critical policy ingestion for accelerated processing & increased volume.
Energy Company Achieves Classification Success
Energy Company Achieves Classification Success
Energy Company Achieves Classification Success
Learn how this global energy company uses Progressive Classification to manage a huge volume of unstructured content.

The Right Technology Solution for Your Organization: On Premises or in the Cloud

While some organizations prefer an on-premises solution, others are moving to the cloud at unprecedented rates. Consumer File Sync and Share applications often dominate the cloud content discussion, but many organizations are demanding private cloud or hybrid solutions to address the secure and complex nature of their document-centric business problems.

With this in mind, Adlib now offers our technology solution in a cloud structure for project-based initiatives. Our approach to automated document processing in the Cloud ensures that your critical projects can be handled with greater speed than ever and at a lower capital cost – minimizing your upfront technology and resources investment.

Adlib’s Cloud solution can work independently from, or in conjunction with, your existing on-premise deployment, giving you the control to make the choices that make sense for your business.

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