Adlib ElevateTM helps you win with quality data.
Effective digital strategy relies on greater access to quality data for actionable intelligence and process automation. The ability to deliver relevant, useable, and consistent data efficiently is critical to driving the change needed to:
Accelerate innovation
Simplify compliance
Improve operational efficiency
Enhance your customer experience
Adlib Elevate is a scalable platform that helps you to discover, cleanse, and enrich data from multiple sources, faster. It enables businesses to create an end-to-end digital strategy where unstructured data fuels insights and process automation to deliver maximum value.Adlib Elevate will help you:

Maximize on RPA investments by automating manual processes to increase efficiencies and decrease operational costs.

Capture and extract information from unstructured data to feed RPA and analytics engines.

Meet compliance mandates such as GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act by facilitating the collection, monitoring, auditing, sharing, and standardization of critical compliance data through high fidelity document conversion, AI-based classification, and best-of-breed OCR.

Reduce data migration efforts by accelerating the migration of legacy files as well as files between systems, departments, or organizations in order to accelerate critical business decisions

Learn more about how Adlib ElevateTM can accelerate innovation, improve customer experiences and reduce compliance risks in your organization by downloading the Adlib ElevateTM datasheet.

How does Adlib Elevate™ give you greater data insight?
With Adlib’s proven Content Elevation Process (CEP) – you can turn dark and dormant unstructured content locked in repositories and files shares into fully transparent quality data for actionable intelligence.
Discover file metadata for a library of content and apply file analytics on the set of data to identify ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial) data within the content for potential remediation.

Capture documents from virtually any source, convert it to a high fidelity text searchable asset and optimize the content with a wide variety of publishing capabilities like document merge or watermarking.

Organize the textual information and document content flow into a unique file fingerprint. Automatically cluster documents based on fingerprint similarity to expedite the document classification process.

Classify documents based on relevant taxonomy and intelligently extract additional attribute information to strengthen the overall quality of the digital asset.

Provide a transparent relevant view of informed inventory across unstructured data sets to aid insights and comprehension of all content assets.
What makes Adlib Elevate™ different?
Remove Barriers

Identify and unlock a wider set of the data trapped in your unstructured content regardless of format - creating a more inclusive view of all data.

Dive Deeper

Create standardized, text searchable high-fidelity assets that are cleansed, classified, and attributed - exposing better understanding, intelligence and insight into your data.

Continuously Adapt

Highly flexible platform with configurable workflows that can be integrated and extended to adapt to your ever-changing data enrichment needs.

Leverage Experience

Adlib provides a 15+ year history of specializing in the complex world of unstructured content. As a trusted partner for global leaders in Life Sciences, Financial Services and Energy, our proven Content Elevation Process and technology deliver the value and results demanded by today’s digital innovators.

Ready to Elevate Your Data?

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