The PDF Association and Adlib Bring PDF to the Forefront as a Business Tool

Live Panel Discussions on December 10th and 11th with Industry Experts

December 1, 2014 – Toronto (Source: PRWeb).  Adlib, the leading provider of enterprise-grade document-to-PDF conversion software for a range of industries, announced today that it will be headlining the PDF Association PDF Days on December 10th in Washington D.C. and December 11th in New York City as a Gold Sponsor and speaker.

Peter Duff, Vice Chairman of the PDF Association and President and CEO of Adlib, along with Roger Beharry Lall, Director of Product Marketing at Adlib, will be speaking at both events. “PDF Days are shifting the focus from merely discussing PDF as a standard file format to demonstrating the business value the technology offers to enterprise organizations,” states Duff. “We will delve into how PDF can help companies to shed a light on the dark data they have hidden within their document repositories, and leverage the file format to improve business processes.” Additionally, organizations can apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, image comparison technology, and PDF interpretation techniques to automate tedious manual document-centric processes.

While the Washington D.C. event will focus on PDF as a tool for government organizations and the New York City event will focus on the benefits of PDF for financial services and legal industries, both days are applicable to a wide range of audiences and will explore how leading organizations are leveraging the standard to improve business processes. Duff and Beharry Lall will explore how most organizations are riddled with dark data – which often makes up about 70% of their total content. They will discuss opportunities for leveraging this hidden content in order to meet compliance standards and information governance goals, cut storage costs and facilitate e-discovery by converting their documents to an organizational and industry standard: PDF.

Attendees will hear from a number of industry experts in wide-ranging fields discuss PDF conversion technologies, business benefits of using PDF, and how certain document-centric tasks can be greatly optimized by converting the disparate organizational content into this universally acceptable file format.

Visit Adlib for more details about PDF Days in Washington D.C. and New York City.

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Lucy Ventresca
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