Risky Business

Adlib Helps Big Four Firm Map Contract Analytics Landscape

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“How can we possibly track changes in our engagement letters when we’re signing hundreds of contracts every day?” At one of the Big Four consulting, advisory, and tax firms, this question weighed heavily on the CFO’s mind. To mitigate risk, the company needed to understand what their contract landscape looked like, where they deviated from a standard template, and determine how and where employees used customer data.

Get the case study to learn how Contract Analytics was used to:  

  • Give the team a clear view of existing contracts, templates, and clauses in multiple repositories
  • Classify risk by specific non-standard language
  • Highlight which clauses can be altered and not altered by line of business, creating a set of guidelines
  • Create a simple, streamlined contract review process that gives the team peace of mind

With the power of Content Intelligence, Adlib helped the company standardize their contracts, limit liability, and gain visibility—so they can focus on delivering on the deal vs. hammering out tiny details. Get the case study to know how.

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