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Why Document Transformation Is A Critical Building Block Of An Effective Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM)

Table of Contents:

  • What Is The Significance of Asset Life Cycle Information Management (ALIM) in the Oil and Gas Industry?
  • What Does Data Capture and Management in ALIM Look Like at Each Production Stage?
  • What Business Priorities Dependent on Effective ALIM Process?
  • Why Is Document Management Challenging in ALIM?
  • What Are The Current Gaps in Managing Unstructured Enterprise Documentation In ALIM and ECM?
  • The Need for Robust Document Transformation for ALIM and ECM in Oil & Gas Industry
  • Better Asset Information Management Outcomes with Enterprise-Grade Document Transformation
  • Leading Oil & Gas Company Takes Steps To Gain Control Of Their Content
  • Why Now?


Safe operations, productivity and safety compliance of an Oil & Gas asset are highly dependent on impeccable data accuracy and documentation management. Many organizations today are challenged with unstructured data and manual document-based processes, which are time-consuming and error-prone, putting the organization at risk of non-compliance, fines and reputation damage.

Whitepaper - Why Document Management Is A Critical Building Block of ALIM-01-1

of O&G executives said that regulatory and compliance issues were the most significant challenges facing their industry.

Survey by EY

Whitepaper - Why Document Management Is A Critical Building Block of ALIM-02

of O&G executives believe that unstructured data is important to their business, but only 38% have a strategy in place to manage it.

Survey by Accenture

Whitepaper - Why Document Management Is A Critical Building Block of ALIM-03

of O&G companies struggle with managing documents across multiple systems and platforms, while 53% struggle with the high volume of documentation that must be managed.

2019 Survey by Deloitte

Learn how business priorities are affected by document governance policies and how document transformation technology can help alleviate the burden of unstructured data.

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