Robust Document Transformation in Oil & Gas: Intricacies of CAD to PDF Conversion

April 18, 2023 at 2:00PM EST | 11:00AM PST



In today's digital era, oil and gas companies are dealing with an enormous amount of data and documents, ranging from engineering designs and schematics to project proposals and contracts. With the increasing demand for collaboration and sharing of information, the need for effective document transformation solutions has become critical.

In this webinar, our experts will delve into the complexities of CAD to PDF conversion and provide insights on how to implement a robust document transformation strategy in the oil and gas industry.

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Leading Oil & Gas Company Takes Steps To Gain Control Of Their Content

Prior to developing an ECM strategy, this Oil & Gas Company managed their well related content using multiple data sources and repositories, and multiple inaccessible file formats. In an effort to better organize their content they developed an Enterprise web-based portal as part of their ECM strategy. This portal helped the company to consolidate current data sources/technologies and allowed users to easily access a single source of truth for all well related information.

Despite the portal’s development however, millions of the Oil & Gas Company’s historical well related content remained spread throughout multiple sources, in inconsistent formats. In addition, files that were available in the portal were not easily searchable. It seemed that the portal did not actually provide users with a single source of truth. Staff had no choice but to continue to spend valuable time and resources
trying to search for, find and manage their historical and current content.

As a result, the Oil & Gas Company decided they needed a way to migrate the millions of departmental files from multiple sources and various formats into their OpenText system (which was linked to the portal). Moving the files would be difficult.

Company leadership has turned to technology-based solutions to help alleviate manual document processing and classification to boost efficiency and lower costs.

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Harry Chopra | CRO | Webinar Host

Harry brings over 30 years of sales and marketing experience across various industries with a strong focus on understanding the exacting requirements of global regulatory bodies. His deep understanding of tech stacks paired with the insight into the management of complex organizations allows Harry to translate complex technical concepts into relatable topics and have valuable conversations with business leaders. These days Harry works with leading life sciences enterprises to better manage unstructured data made inaccessible across unsearchable company documents and to automate the creation of “document of record” to eliminate compliance and operational risks.

presenter CWilson

Colin Wilson | Technical Solutions Expert | Speaker

Colin is a tenured solution consultant and a document transformation expert. He brings years of experience assisting companies in their digital transformation journey.