For life sciences and pharmaceutical companies that invest a significant amount of time and money to developing life-saving health products, there’s no room for errors and delays. Yet, many organizations rely on labour-intensive document-management practices that introduce errors, stall critical workflows, and prevent them from producing submission-ready PDF/A assets in a timely and accurate manner. To support enterprise-wide digital transformation, life sciences and pharma companies must enrich their data and automate their manual and paper-centric document-management processes.


Eliminate Costly Errors & Delays, Manage Critical Documentation & Automatically Produce Submission-Ready PDF/A Assets.

Accurate Compliance-Friendly Data: The DNA of Digital Transformation

Adlib allows life sciences organizations to enrich data and prepare it for successful evaluation, auditing, sharing, and long-term digital preservation—curbing costly errors and delays and facilitating enterprise-wide digital transformation.

Ingests and enriches large volumes of unstructured data from various sources to transform business-critical documents into actionable, compliance-friendly data.

Enterprise document-to-PDF capabilities automatically convert content into text-searchable, FDA and EMA-compliant PDF/A documents for LTDP and document classification. The identical format, layout, and content of the original documents is left intact.


Advanced text analysis and intelligent data identification are leveraged to classify document types and extract relevant metadata. Based on the information, documents are automatically routed into the appropriate workflows, analytics engines, and/or repositories.
DT-LifeSc Chart
DT-LifeSc chart
DT Life Sciences Adlib

From 1 Year to 1 Month: Turbocharging Digital Document Conversion with Adlib

Read how Adlib helped global healthcare company McKesson save 11 months in document conversion time.

Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

Scott Mackey, Adlib VP of Customer Success, discusses how life sciences organizations can meet regulatory standards and accelerate time-to-market by automatically capturing, standardizing, extracting, and leveraging critical data.

Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company Recoups $1.7 Million in Licensing,
Support & IT Costs by Upgrading to Adlib Enterprise


For a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company, cumbersome manual workflows and lack of searchability meant that FDA submission documentation was generated with great difficulty and unreliable quality.


In order to generate FDA submissions in a timely and accurate manner, the pharmaceutical company needed an enterprise-grade solution that would allow them to consolidate their systems and combine and reformat their content.


After upgrading to Adlib Enterprise, the company was able to automate its document-management workflows, greatly improve the accuracy and timeliness of submissions, curb rising IT costs, and accelerate its time-to-market.

WEBINAR: Enrich Data & Protect Your Research

Learn how “improving and moving” critical documentation can help you avoid data duplication, accelerate and automate the FDA submission process, ensure compliance, and protect IP and other sensitive information.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Life Sciences Manufacturing Documentation Automated to Maximize Up-Time & Achieve Compliance


Respiratory Care Products Designer & Manufacturer Streamlines PDF Conversions + Simplifies Compliance


Global Pharmaceutical Company Leverages Adlib to Unify ECMs & Eliminate Costly Errors & FDA Resubmissions


Medical Device Manufacturer Automates Enhancements & Improves Compliance

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