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What is Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

Scanned, paper, and image-based files still represent a significant portion of content within energy, financial services, life sciences, and insurance industries. However, even after paper and image-based documents are digitized, this data is not searchable or accessible—preventing valuable business insights from being identified and leveraged. Adlib addresses this challenge with an enterprise-grade Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution that automatically standardizes image-based and born-digital documents into fully searchable, readily accessible data.

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Make Content Automatically Searchable with Enterprise OCR 

Adlib’s document conversion solution takes standard document-to-PDF conversion to the next level, allowing enterprises to automatically convert thousands or even millions of documents into the highest quality, text-searchable, ISO-friendly PDFs that maintain the identical format, layout, and content of the original documents.

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Highest Accuracy and Recognition Support 

Automated conversion of over 300+ formats to searchable PDF (original images maintained with searchable text layer added). Support for over 115 languages (including Japanese, Korean, and simplified/traditional Chinese), ensuring the highest possible accuracy for global content.


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Any Source. Any Format. Intelligence Delivered

With Adlib’s high-volume OCR solution, enterprises can turn thousands—even millions—of unstructured documents into assets that can be easily searched, accessed, leveraged, and extracted for business intelligence. And, readily accessible content that supports critical workflows and business processes, decreases risk, and eliminates error-prone manual methods.

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Maximum Performance for Mission-Critical Workflows

Enhancements to maximize accuracy, including de-skew, rotate, and preservation of searchable content already present. Enterprise-grade architecture to process massive volumes with no downtime, supporting mission-critical workflows.

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Intelligent Data Reduces Risk

The Industry's Most Powerful Enterprise OCR Solution.

Chief Risk Officer
With 97%+ accuracy documents in multiple languages (115+) and formats (300+), including image, Office, CAD, email, and legacy documents.
Beyond OCR software to include high-value document-to-PDF conversion, publishing, and enhancement services from a single platform.
Business Leaders
More than searchable PDF and PDF/A by offering multiple output formats (XML, Text, etc.) that drive big data, file document and contract analytics.
Chief Legal Counsel
Conversion to eliminate manual efforts, increase consistency, and accelerate business workflows.
Chief Technology Officer
To evolving business needs through a configurable workflow management environment.
Chief Compliance Officer
Across any business system, environment, or geography, allowing for flexible deployment options.
Seamlessly to support multiple lines of business and peak volume processing needs.