Document to PDF Solutions by Department

Document conversion and assembly can be used in various ways across the departments in your organization. Many of our customers begin with single department projects and find value by extending document to PDF rendering services across business units.

Explore how departments across the organization can leverage document to PDF conversion

Human Resources

  • Publish policy, benefits and other documents in PDF format that is easily accessible and efficient for employees to reference
  • Combine multiple documents into employee handbooks that can be automatically regenerated for new or updated content
  • Convert all HR content including CVs, interview forms and employee records to PDF automatically


  • Streamline and ensure compliance for standard operating procedure (SOP) publishing
  • Include the creation of a non-editable PDF rendition of the source file as part of an automated approval workflow in SharePoint or other document management system


  • Add security to PDF documents shared with customers, partners, and employees to protect confidential information and safeguard against modifications
  • Prepare your organization for eDiscovery reducing time and mitigating risk in the event of legal actions


  • Make it more efficient to create proposals and respond to RFPs
  • Create a single, cohesive PDF file from a collection of documents in different formats such as:
    • Business documents in Microsoft Word
    • Financial information in Excel
    • Engineering data in AutoCAD DWG format
    • PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • The merged PDF file can be made much easier for users to navigate through its contents with the addition of a table of contents and PDF bookmarks for the entire document


  • Automate the publishing of approved marketing assets on your external web site to share with customers and prospects
  • Automatically archive marketing assets as part of the content creation process
  • Automate the assembly and distribution of press kit