The Adlib-Strator partnership leverages each organization’s focus and expertise in the Life Sciences and Government arenas. Using Adlib PDF Enterprise, Strator has established a deep niche expertise in converting documents to other formats, often for archiving purposes, such as for the Danish National Archives. Further, with Strator’s deep technical understanding for the challenges and requirements of the Life Sciences industry, and Adlib’s depth of expertise in this area, Strator has enabled Life Sciences organizations to enhance critical document processes.

Using Adlib PDF as its trusted best-in-class Advanced Rendering technology, the Strator Redaction Editor enables controlled redaction of confidential information from documents and can be used as a stand-alone tool. However, the functionality can be closely integrated into workflows in an existing case or document management system, whether the ECM be Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet or another system.

How it Works

Utilizing Adlib’s Web Services interface, Adlib PDF renders documents to PDF and Jpeg, allowing Strator to redact content based on marked areas and predefined patterns or vocabulary. Not only does the tool cover up sensitive content, but it actually removes the content layer by layer, reducing risk as it does so.

Adlib and Strator

Adlib and Strator

For a demonstration of how the Strator Redaction Editor works, watch Strator Redaction Client - Part 1 and Strator Redaction Client - Part 2.

Strator - We TECH your documents seriously!
Strator - We TECH your documents seriously!

About Strator

Strator was formed in 2008 as a Danish specialist company offering a broad range of expertise within document management systems and document management related challenges. Strator’s key competencies include: document management consulting, MS Office integration, redaction, rendering and content management solutions for Life Sciences. Strator is proud to be a trusted advisor for content management solution implementation.

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Additional Information

Name of Primary Product(s)/Service(s): Strator Redaction Editor, Outlook Integration, Document Management

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About Strator:

Reach: Denmark, Northern Europe

Size of Company: 5 employees

Industry Focus: Life Sciences, Government