The Adlib-SOLABS partnership provides Life Sciences companies with Advanced PDF Rendering capabilities as well as document publishing and management of controlled copies within the SOLABS QM document control functionality. As an essential component of SOLABS’ standard product offering, Adlib, allows SOLABS to offer an advanced document-to-PDF transformation tool within SOLABS QM through an easy to use, simple to maintain and cost effective SaaS model.

SOLABS chose to partner with Adlib due to its best-in-class technology for PDF rendition in controlled environments, such as Quality Assurance in the Life Sciences Industry. With Adlib’s high compatibility for easy integration along with its robust server-end engine, SOLABS QM is able to efficiently manage thousands of PDF rendering transactions per week.

How it Works

Working with Adlib, SOLABS QM is able to automatically convert documents (from any file format) to PDF format once the approval cycle is started in SOLABS QM. This ensures that no changes can be made to the document once the document revision is completed and the approval process has begun. .

Adlib provides SOLABS QM with  the required functionalities to efficiently render documents to PDF with:

  • the automated application of enhancements like watermarks, headers and footers;
  • document publishing and management of controlled copies;
  • adherence to eCTD (electronic submissions) guidelines.
Adlib and Solabs

Adlib and Solabs

Click here to see a sample of how Adlib and SOLABS QM are integrated to deliver a robust solution to Life Sciences organizations looking to improve document control and automate approval processes.


SOLABS is dedicated to helping Life Sciences companies transition from manual or paper-based Quality Management Systems to EQMS. The product, SOLABS QM, helps clients significantly improve Quality operations and ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulatory requirements. Typical use cases for SOLABS QM are Document Control (SOPs, Product Specifications, Work Instructions, Master Batch Records, etc.), Quality Processes Management (CAPA, Change Control, Non-Conformance, Complaint, Audit, Deviation, Out-of- Specification, etc.) and Employee Training Management (GxP courses, training activities on documents such as SOPs, skills training, employee training profiles management, etc.). Over the last 15 years, SOLABS has  helped its clients improve control and visibility over their quality operations, improve operational efficiency related to manual processes and mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

For more information about Adlib PDF for Life Sciences, click here to learn more.

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Name of Primary Product(s)/Service(s): SOLABS QM, Enterprise Quality Management Software

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Reach: primary focus is North America, but SOLABS does have customers in Europe, Asia and Latin America

Industry Focus: Mid-size Life Sciences, including pharmaceutical, medical device & biotechnology

Company Size: 25-50 employees