Technology Services Group

Technology Services Group provides Visible Source software and consulting solutions for Enterprise Content Management across a variety of industries. OpenContent is a REST web service layer for accessing a variety of different ECM vendors including Documentum and Alfresco as well as client custom solutions including Hadoop and Solr. OpenContent includes extensions to provide Adlib PDF renditioning capabilities for all supported repositories. OpenContent is provided free for TSG clients to enhance their ECM and Adlib solutions.

How it Works

Accessible from OpenContent, TSG leverages Adlib rendition services as a critical ECM infrastructure component for high quality PDF renditions as part of initial migration or ongoing PDF generation.

Use cases include:

  1. Rendering native files to PDF on Hadoop as a PDF rendition tied to a consistent document model similar to other ECM solutions.
  2. Back converting legacy PDF and TIFF files to OCR-enhanced PDF files.
  3. Documentum Rendition/OCR Services integrated with TSG HPI, Webtop, D2 or xCP
  4. Alfresco Rendition/OCR Services integrated with TSG HPI or Alfresco Share.

HPIHPI Open Content
Adlib and Technology Services Group

Adlib and Technology Services Group

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About TSG

Technology Services Group delivers project based consulting on a variety of ECM platforms (primarily Documentum, Alfresco, and Hadoop). Common business problems TSG has addressed include migrations, interface alternatives or customizations, workflow, and PDF annotation. TSG solutions are uniquely positioned to provide easy deployment while giving maximum flexibility in regards to cost, architecture and hosting options. All of the solution components have been developed and successfully deployed for multiple clients in multiple industries over the past decade. The solutions combine best practice business processes and data models with cost effective TSG products to provide a substantial return on investment at a fraction of the cost of traditional ECM vendor solutions.

Additional Information

Name of Primary Product(s)/Service(s): OpenContent, HPI (Configurable ECM interface), ActiveWizard (Dynamic Form and Workflow), OpenMigrate (High performance and Configurable Migration Utility), OpenOverlay (Configurable PDF manipulation), OpenAnnotate (Web based annotation tool), General ECM Consulting for Documentum, Alfresco, and Hadoop.

References & Resources:

Reach:US, international

Size of Company:37 employees

Industry Focus: Pharma, Energy, Regulated, Insurance, and Consumer Goods verticals