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The Adlib-Netcompany partnership leverages each organization’s focus and expertise in the case management arena. Using the GO AppBuilder you can support various business units and processes in your organization by building GoAPPs.

Through the GO AppBuilder, Netcompany’s offering, GetOrganized, enables the development of targeted business applications, focusing on the collaboration and production of content/case work. Users produce and generate content in native Microsoft Office file formats in order to process project documentation, legal case work, HR documents, building permits, social benefit requests, hearings, RFPs and much more. For public sector work or other formal decision-making structures, cases may have to be forwarded to committees for political processing and decision-making. GetOrganized ensures and supports an extensive workflow to collect and generate the material for these meetings by generating agendas and minutes to present to political committees/boards and internal meeting forums. Adlib helps to ensure content fidelity of the converted and compounded material, including the conversion to PDF/A for record keeping purposes. Additionally, contracts, project documentation, RFPs etc. can be compounded into single PDFs for exchange with external parties. Within the public sector, exporting documents into PDF and TIFF format is necessary for long-term preservation of content at local and national archives.

How it Works

Working with Adlib, Netcompany is able to automatically convert documents from multiple formats like Word, MSG, PowerPoint and Excel to PDF format and then merge these into a final, consolidated PDF for publishing using their document management system into either record centers, external channels like iPad or hosted services.

GetOrganized ensures a collaborative, matter-centric approach, and eases the overview of tons of documents either received or generated. The final stage of the content generation process often results in the final version as a PDF document for signature. Adlib helps to ensure the fidelity of the final version of the document so that the latest changes and final version can be securely exchanged between parties.

Adlib and Netcompany

Adlib and Netcompany

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About Netcompany

Netcompany IT and business consulting delivers business critical IT solutions and consulting services, covering business needs for a wide range of IT solutions: portals, business applications, service oriented architectures and integration platforms. Netcompany supports the full lifecycle of business applications from the discussion and clarification of business requirements through to implementation and maintenance of IT solutions.

Netcompany is proficient in the complex technical environments of large enterprises, including the leading technologies Microsoft .NET and J2EE. Netcompany is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Oracle Partner and IBM Partner.

The vision of the company is to be the leading, preferred provider of business critical enterprise solutions based on Microsoft .NET and J2EE technology. Netcompany is committed to the “old virtues” of professional consulting: delivery on time, on budget and above expectations.

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Name of Primary Product(s)/Service(s): GetOrganized

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Reach: Denmark, Scandinavia, Northern Europe

Industry Focus: Legal, public, engineering and organizational sectors

Company Size: >600 employees