McLaren Fusion Enterprise P8

The Adlib-McLaren partnership leverages each organization’s focus and expertise in the Energy & Utilities industry. McLaren provides engineering content management solutions for asset intensive environments, helping to improve the execution of capital projects by automating document control business processes from project initiation to handover.

Partnering with us due to Adlib’s tremendous experience working with enterprise level deployments of Advanced Rendering technology, McLaren primarily leverages Adlib for high-volume environment document conversion and document assembly requirements. Many of the capital project and operations business processes involve the conversion and distribution of documents in a PDF format.

During the operation and maintenance of a complex asset, McLaren helps the asset operator guarantee the integrity of all the documentation used to manage the facility.

How it Works

Utilizing Advanced Rendering capabilities, McLaren is able to provide enterprise-level document conversion through its Fusion Enterprise P8 product to a number of different business process scenarios, integrated with IBM FileNet. The following use cases illustrate how the McLaren/Adlib partnership enhances business processes:

  1. Fully automated document issue process for a large power generation company: when key drawings or procedures are changed it is essential that all company stakeholders get the new revision, understand the changes and acknowledge this. Adlib supports the automated conversion of documents into PDF format together with suitable watermark and banner, providing information about the issue status and validity of the document.
  2. Archival solution for major company in the nuclear market: The government regulator imposes strict guidelines on the precise format of PDF documents to be used when archived as legal records. Adlib ensures compliance with the regulatory requirements by processing every document with the same template of instructions.
  3. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) customer improves the way they interact with their customers by automating the assembly and delivery of PDFs. The main deliverable of the EPC to their customer is all forms of documents to satisfy the contractual obligation.


Adlib and McLaren Software

Adlib and McLaren Software

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About McLaren

Offering a suite of solutions that manage and control business critical engineering documentation throughout the asset lifecycle, McLaren provides owner operators, EPCs, contractors and facility managers with the most robust source of critical asset information - a single source of truth. From major capital projects and asset operations to construction projects and facilities management, McLaren solutions provide asset information integrity to reduce risk and improve safety, profitability, compliance and performance.

Supporting over 300,000 users in 50 countries, McLaren solutions are available in the cloud as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), on-premise or as a managed service.

For more information about Adlib PDF for Energy, click here to download the PDF.

Additional Information

Name of Primary Product(s)/Service(s): McLaren Fusion Live, McLaren Fusion Enterprise P8

References & Resources:
The project is over, but is the risk? - read the white paper

Reach: Global

Size of Company: 150+ / $20M in revenue

Industry Focus: Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Process Manufacturing, Transportation

PSC - McLaren - Document Control: The project is over, but is the risk?