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The Adlib-LORENZ partnership leverages each organization’s focus and expertise in the Life Sciences industry. The Advanced Rendering platform from Adlib provides an add-on to customers that use the built-in Document Management System of LORENZ docuBridge® to create renditions of documents used in the regulatory process.

LORENZ docuRender optimizes submission compilation and helps avoid surprises and delays in the final stages of publishing. Leveraging Adlib’s experience with PDF generation, LORENZ docuRender’s custom-developed PDF conversion profiles also ensure that the PDFs are compliant with regulatory guidelines.

How it Works

LORENZ docuRender is an add-on server application to LORENZs docuBridge submission management system. Source documents are uploaded into LORENZ docuBridge in their native format (e.g., Microsoft® Word). Once either a final or interim version of a document is ready (or “submission-ready”), the user locates the document(s) in their LORENZ docuBridge Explorer. From there, PDF conversion is triggered with 2 mouse clicks. The source documents are sent to LORENZ docuRender, where they are converted to PDF, following specific regulatory guidelines. The final PDFs are sent back to LORENZ docuBridge and registered automatically: the user will then have access to the PDF version of their source document.


LORENZ Life Sciences Group ( has been developing and marketing software solutions for the Life Sciences market since 1989. LORENZ's solutions are geared specifically for submission assembly, review, publishing, validation and management. LORENZ docuBridge® is the most widely used eCTD submission management system for U.S., European and Japanese formats amongst many others, and is popular with regulatory agencies and industry alike. With over 400 installations in over 25 countries, LORENZ has a strong worldwide customer base.

Engineering desirable solutions is not about becoming the market leader by revenue. It isn't about building solutions that look at customers as markets and try to maximize short-term gains by successfully engaging in price differentiation and geographic product differentiation strategies. It is about building solutions that look at customers as people with challenges in the work environments that they want to resolve.

It is also about building solutions that solve a particular challenge in the best way possible, even if it means investing the extra amount of time to come up with that solution.

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Name of Primary Product(s)/Service(s): LORENZ docuBridge®, LORENZ drugTrack™, LORENZ eValidator™, LORENZ docuRender™, LORENZ labelBridge®, LORENZ authorBridge™, LORENZ Automator, LORENZ docuBridge® ONE

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