The Adlib-Glemser partnership leverages each organization’s focus and expertise in the Life Science regulatory and compliance space.

Glemser’s solution xmRender uses Adlib technology to generate PDF renditions of Microsoft Word documents which are then utilized in other solutions, such as xmLabeling and xmContent:

xmLabeling is a proven, comprehensive global labeling application for effectively managing global labeling content and related processes.

xmContent is a proven, comprehensive content management application for effectively managing documents such as test specifications, SOPs, protocols, clinical study reports, etc.

How it Works

Adlib is a core component within the Glemser solutions, as it automates the conversion of  Word documents to PDF. Once the key documents are in PDF format, labeling and content management use these as single sources of truth for other document management processes such as content submissions, fragment re-use, labeling, production, etc., all adhering to strict regulatory compliance guidelines.

Adlib and Glemser

Adlib and Glemser

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PSC - Glemser - xmLabeling: mlLabeling Datasheet

About Glemser

Glemser has been a Documentum partner since 1998, and has been working in Life Sciences since 1987.  They have a focus within the regulatory and compliance space. 

The Company has content management solutions to manage pharmaceutical content to comply with regulatory and quality requirements using Documentum and SharePoint Enterprise Content Management technology platforms. 

They provide solutions to manage quality records and reporting for Life Sciences clients to comply with health authority requirements using TrackWise enterprise quality management technology.

Glemser offers a wide variety of consulting services designed to help Life Science clients assess, plan for and deploy software; solutions to meet their critical business requirements.

For more information about Adlib PDF for Life Sciences, click here to learn more.

Additional Information

Name of Primary Product(s)/Service(s): xmRender, xmContent, xmLabeling

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About Glemser:

Reach: North America and Europe

Size of Company: 45 employees

Industry Focus: Life Sciences