The Adlib-fme partnership leverages each organization’s focus and expertise in regulated industries like Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Financial Services. Their offering, migration-center, is not only a product but rather a content migration platform which carries out highly automated, large volume migrations without system downtime. It is a full function, 100% out-of-the-box software, fully documented, easy to deploy and with an intuitive graphical user interface. Teaming up with Adlib, fme has been able to integrate advanced document-to-PDF conversion, classification and archiving capabilities to customers using migration-center. Celebrating ten years on the market, the offering helps customers save costs in infrastructure, administration and operations as well as decommissioning ECM legacy systems. The product also:

  • Eliminates downtime, working without interrupting any of your normal business operations
  • Efficiently classifies objects through extensible algorithms without additional programming or scripting effort
  • Is certified by leading ECM platform vendors

How it Works

migration-center leverages Adlib’s enterprise-class Advanced Rendering capabilities, which include process-specific functionalities from classification and advanced Optical Character Recognition as part of a comprehensive content capture process, to archiving to all forms of PDF/A.  Examples of how customers are using the Adlib/fme solution are:

  • High volume thumbnail generation
  • Outlook integration generating PDFs for email and attachments, leveraging document assembly capabilities
  • Watched folder document ingestion

To learn more about migration-center, click here.

Adlib and fme us

Adlib and fme us

Click here to see a whitepaper on the migration center solution.

Adlib and fme us
Learn more about successful content migration from our valued partner fme.

About fme

fme helps customers in the Life Sciences, Industrial Manufacturing and Financial Services arenas to structure and manage information more effectively and efficiently, resulting in better decision making, faster processes, improved quality and efficient compliance. They design and implement proven best practice solutions through the use of Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence and Custom Intelligence and Custom Software Development.

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Additional Information

Name of Primary Product(s)/Service(s): migration-center, docspread

References & Resources:
About fme:;

Reach: USA, Canada, Europe

Size of Company: 165/fme Group

Industry Focus: Life Sciences, Industrial Manufacturing, Financial Services (Insurance)