Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the power to automate resource-intensive tasks and reallocate human resources towards high-impact activities. But if RPA bots can’t access the data they need, when they need it, the entire RPA chain breaks and human intervention is required. To harness the full potential of your RPA software, you must turn data locked in unstructured documents into clean, RPA-ready fuel. We can help with that. Adlib amplifies RPA by transforming document content into high-quality structured data that can be processed by bots—so your digital workforce can fire on all cylinders. Because when your bots are smarter, your organization is smarter too.

Maximize the Value of Your RPA Investment

Adlib maximizes the value of RPA by transforming your documents into clean, high-quality digital assets, revealing the data that fuels true digital transformation. Get the datasheet to learn what that means for you.

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What Makes Adlib Different?

By transforming unstructured documents into high-quality digital assets and structured data, Adlib helps you get maximum value from your RPA software.

We Improve Access

Remove content barriers for RPA by identifying and unlocking the data hidden in unstructured documents from across your fileshares and repositories.

We Enrich Your Content

Convert unstructured data into high-quality, standardized assets that are text searchable and primed to fuel automation.

We Allow You to Scale

Adlib’s flexible platform is built upon configurable workflows that can be integrated and extended to adapt to your growing datasets.

3 Reasons Unstructured Data Derails RPA Implementations

40% of businesses that have invested in RPA will experience buyers’ remorse. Read why unstructured data throws a wrench in your best-laid RPA plans, and how to get back on track.

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Achieve True End-to-End Automation with Better Data
Automate Manual Document Processing

Empower RPA with file analytics to automate the ingestion of contracts, invoices, claims, or other documents. Use AI-assisted Classification and intelligent Data Extraction to drive better business outcomes.

Onboard Customers Faster

Improve processing times, reduce errors, and enhance customer experience by utilizing Adlib and RPA to automate review, validation, and approval steps.

Accelerate Claims & Policy Approvals

Reduce manual workloads by using Adlib and RPA to automate the approval of new policies and processing of claims.

Eliminate Low-Value Manual Effort

Go beyond simple task automation with RPA. Leverage Adlib to surface bot-friendly data from documents for complex business processes across multiple lines of business.

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