Wednesday, December 13, 2023
10:00am - 11:30am ET

Strategic AI In Insurance -
A Business Imperative,
Not An Option!

Join your industry peers in this roundtable to discuss use cases on how AI and ML streamline operations (i.e., claim settlements, etc.), elevate customer experiences and increase efficiency.

Wednesday, December 13, at 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM ET


In today's rapidly evolving insurance landscape, many key players are harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automate data gathering and processes for underwriting, claim management, customer services, fraud detection, policy issuance, and many other use cases. 

AI and ML are the catalysts for innovation, and what makes this roundtable unique is that it's not just another gathering; it's a peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge, experiences, and insights that you won't find anywhere else. 



Session Format:

This 90-minute virtual session will be led by Guest Experts in insurance and AI from EY. This peer-to-peer roundtable will provide an opportunity for all participants to be active contributors, sharing their own experiences and learning from their peers. We will limit this group to less than 15 people to ensure that everyone is given a chance to exchange. 

What to expect:

  1. Identifying Top Use Cases:

    We'll collectively discuss use cases where AI/ML can make a game-changing impact. Your perspectives and expertise will shape the conversation, providing actionable insights for all participants. These are potential use cases to be discussed:
  • Efficient Claims Processing with AI
  • Robotic Process Automation for Claims
  • AI-Enhanced Title Underwriting
  • Digital Insurance Verification
  • AI-Driven Data Insights
  • Flood Risk Assessment with Drones
  • Accelerated Life Insurance Underwriting
  • Automating Workflow with AI
  1. Sharing Success Stories:

    This is your platform to share and learn from real success stories.

    • Has your company already embraced AI technology in these use cases?
    • What worked exceptionally well, and what valuable lessons have you learned along the way?
  1. Exploring Investment Focus: 

    Exploring into where AI/ML investment dollars are flowing within your company.

    • Are certain lines of business receiving more attention?
    • By exchanging this information, you'll gain a broader perspective on industry trends and strategies.
  1. Delving into AI Technologies:

    AI isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Your collective insights will help us explore the various AI technologies in the insurance realm. Are you considering GPT, generative AI, or machine learning? The peer-to-peer discussion will provide diverse viewpoints.

  1. Privacy vs. Sharing Debate:

    Engage in a lively debate on whether machine learning should be shared across your entire customer base or kept private. By discussing your approaches and concerns, you'll collectively chart a path forward.

  2. Build or Partner:

    Are you developing AI solutions in-house, or are strategic partnerships your preferred route? Share your experiences and learn from your peers' strategies. Is a generic AI platform suitable, or should solutions be tailored to specific use cases? Peer insights will illuminate the path forward.

About the Hosts

James Zante

James Zante | Risk & Regulation Technology Leader at EY 

A distinguished risk and technology specialist with 20+ years in the industry. At the forefront of EY's risk and regulation tech advisory services, James specializes in IFRS 17 for insurers and Basel IV for banks, while exploring the evolving pension and investment space. Renowned for devising strategic solutions for complex financial challenges, he emphasizes the convergence of control functions for efficiency. As the former Global Product Strategy Leader at IBM Risk Analytics, he led significant implementations in PFE, RWA, XVA, and Capital at global banks. With an extensive background spanning limits management to Basel solutions, James now enriches the Financial Services Advisory at EY, focusing on risk tech solutions across banking, insurance, and more. Dive deep into his insights at our webinar.

Vishal Gossain

Vishal Gossain | Partner, EY | Leader, Risk Analytics & Balance Sheet Mgmt | Credit Officer | AI enthusiast 

With 19+ years in risk management, Vishal's mastery spans across $300b+ portfolios in both secured and unsecured retail lending. Currently spearheading risk analytics at EY Canada, he leads a 100+ consultant team, focusing on AI applications, life-cycle models, regulatory model development, and more. His leadership has birthed transformative strategies for giants like HSBC USA, Capital One Canada, and Scotiabank, translating to billions in profitable growth and significant operational savings. A visionary, Vishal's also an Accredited Credit Officer at Capital One and holds board positions at MIT’s CSAIL and Western University’s Post Graduate program. Join Vishal as he unravels his insights at our roundtable.

Join the session and discuss AI use cases that matter most.

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