White Papers

Adlib helps customers unlock the value in unstructured content with our Advanced Rendering-powered platform. Click on a category for the full list of white papers available.

Information Governance

Find out the key benefits that enhanced content migration offers to insurance and financial services companies, often dealing with legacy systems and outdated content formats.
Read the white paper to learn how a leading financial services organization leveraged contract analytics to minimize the disruption and resources required to meet compliance mandates.
Four Phases. Endless Possibilities. Read the white paper to learn how this revolutionary methodology can help your organization meet Information Governance objectives.
Learn how enterprises are achieving intelligent information governance and content clarity with Progressive Document Classification.
Download the KMWorld white paper today to read Adlib’s perspective on Addressing Information Security with Deep Examination of Content.
Is your information giving you a competitive edge? Read AIIM’s report on the topic of Infonomics and why organizations should be raising the stakes on the value of information.
Gain confidence in the security of your data with effective identification & examination of business information.
In order to leverage content, reduce duplication and improve workflow, effective classification is a key imperative. Read more in this white paper published in KM World.
Once you have all content extracted, how do you start to manage it so that findability is not a problem? The answer is classification. Read more in this white paper published in KM World.
Achieving competitive advantage in Financial Services means one thing: delivering an exceptional customer experience. Read more in this white paper published in KM World.

Advanced Rendering Technology

Learn how Adlib PDF helps capture, manage, preserve and share documents from multiple systems – creating digital assets that all stakeholders can view and open.
This paper provides insight on key considerations that many organizations need to evaluate when considering Advanced Rendering, and how it can help increase their business process efficiency.
This white paper explores the business and technological drivers that lead to enterprise-grade software, and explores the architectural features that make enterprise-grade Advanced Rendering beneficial to both end users and IT professionals.
Is your organization truly capable of sharing its content across departments? Learn how Advanced Rendering technology can impact efficiencies in your business.
This paper explores the challenges posed by a massive growth in content and how intelligent compression technology helps organizations manage the volume.

Enterprise Content Management Integration

See how Advanced Rendering delivered as a shared service can improve efficiencies and reduce costs.
Learn how Adlib integrates with SharePoint to add value to content management processes within large organizations.
In this white paper from KM World Magazine, find 7 engaging articles on how SharePoint can be enhanced to improve document-centric processes throughout the organization.
Learn how document output management gaps in SharePoint can be filled with enterprise document-to-PDF software so that organizations can focus on the content in Enterprise Content Management systems.
CIO Review magazine selected Adlib as one of the top 20 most promising EMC Solutions Providers for 2014. Find out how Adlib's Advanced Rendering technology integrates with EMC Documentum to provide high-fidelity PDF documents.
More and more, ECMs leave out the unassuming “C”—the content, the reason those systems exist in the first place. Read more in this white paper published in KM World.

Document Conversion Basics

Replicating content to PDF format is critical for compliance, collaboration and archiving. This white paper covers how Adlib delivers the highest fidelity document-to-pdf conversion.
How is your organization managing the Data Explosion? Read about what you should be looking for in a content management solution.

Document Compliance and Archiving

Learn how your organization can keep up with regulatory compliance demands with technology tools that increase workflow efficiencies.
Does your organization have a plan in place for long term document storage? Download the FREE white paper to find out how to ensure your important documents’ fidelity and integrity in the years ahead with PDF/A, the global ISO standard for archiving.
How does your organization store assets for the long term? See how Advanced Rendering can improve compliance and sharing of archived materials.

Life Sciences

Welcome to the evolution of regulatory publishing. Learn how Life Sciences organizations accelerate time-to-market workflows by automating conversion and assembly of submission-ready PDFs.
This report details Adlib's Advanced Rendering solution and its approach to compliance within its software development lifecycle. This report was prepared by a third-party vendor, and supports how Adlib meets eCTD validation specifications.
Find out the best practices on how to select an enterprise-grade document-to-PDF solution for pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology organizations and medical device manufacturers in this white paper.
Pharmaceutical and life science organizations are constantly looking for dynamic improvement in their business processes via digital platforms. Read more in this article published in CIO Review.

Financial Services

This white paper provides insight on key considerations Financial Services organizations need to evaluate when considering enterprise document-to-PDF software, and how they can improve business process efficiency.
Learn how Advanced Rendering technology helps organizations meet Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance.
Learn the 7 key steps to ensuring your content is managed effectively and your document-centric processes are optimized.
Business process management and case management workflows are enhanced with Advanced Rendering, giving end users the tools they need to find the information they require. Learn more in this white paper published in KM World.
Achieving competitive advantage in Financial Services means one thing: delivering an exceptional customer experience. Read more in this white paper published in KM World.


This white paper provides insight on key considerations that Government organizations need to evaluate when considering document-to-PDF software, and how it can help increase their process efficiency across the whole institution.
This white paper outlines how Adlib is used across government agencies, including the US Department of State, to convert documents to compliant, searchable pdf for long term archiving.
How is your organization meeting NARA standards? Download this comprehensive must-read collection of reference materials detailing NARA compliance requirements and offering an understanding of the organization’s historical context as well as tools and tips to guide you.

Technical Features

This technical briefing paper explores how large documents can be made easily accessible using linearized or fast web view-enabled PDF documents, and the correct implementation within the document repository they are stored in.
Learn how enterprise-grade document-to-PDF conversion software can enhance each of the 4 stages of the document lifecycle in this white paper.
Desktop document converter software isn't sophisticated enough to satisfy the high-fidelity, high-volume conversion requirements of your enterprise. Download this e-book to learn the eight technical features you should look for in document-to-PDF conversion software.
Learn the differences between a high-fidelity document and a low-fidelity document, and how a true high-fidelity PDF file is created.