What’s Your Story?

The Exchange administrator at an enterprise organization scratches his proverbial head. What to do with the massive and only growing volume of email generated within the organization?

Recently, a senior sales executive at the company attempted to access information pertinent to a business opportunity he was working on. He knew he had corresponded with an industry analyst, who was no longer with the company, on some valuable market statistics. However, when he tried to access the content, he was frustrated to find that he could no longer open the files because the Hotmail format was not compatible with his Outlook email system.

Surely this information should be available and accessible for a minimum of five years after its creation? With regulatory requirements that dictate outbound emails must be preserved for potential compliance processes down the road, the issue is a critical one.

The Vision

Imagine capturing the thought leadership, intelligence and innovation that can be housed in unstructured content, in conversations between experts, both internal and external – a dialogue by email. Think about the various elements in each and every email as vital components of a capture or archive strategy:

  • information contained in an email header for search properties
  • attachments in any format as key data
  • the email body itself, regardless of the messaging system it was created in.

Not only would this data ensure efficient search processes with effective archiving, but in doing so it would also mitigate the risk the organization faces with compliance mandates.

The Opportunity

More and more, companies are facing these real-life situations with critical data locked within emails becoming a growing problem.

What started out as an email retrieval issue quickly turned into some significant concerns around:

  • archiving standards
  • searchability and OCR
  • document retention schedules
  • metadata tagging
  • integration between email and ECM repositories

Considering Advanced Rendering technology to capture information locked in emails could affect the success of the company’s ingestion process. Think about not simply taking a picture of the content trapped in emails with TIFF technology, but actually dealing with the content itself.

The reality is email is the single largest source of unstructured content a company owns.

It’s a Game Changer

To gain a deeper understanding of how we can help, customers typically invite us to their offices, where we meet with the IT and business executives at the company for what we call a Content Coaching session, where we:

  • discuss their pain points
  • engage in informal and enlightening dialogue
  • discuss how we integrate with email systems like Exchange, allowing a connection to active mailboxes to capture content in emails AND email attachments & archive it automatically to PDF/A
  • brainstorm a few ideas on the spot

Many companies find themselves inspired by the ground-breaking solutions proposed in these sessions. (We often get inspired quite a bit too!)

We love to help companies realize more value from ALL of their sources of content and the result of these engagements is that organizations are now starting to see a real increase in their library of valuable data, due to the effective extraction of email content as well as embedded email content across various systems.

We can connect directly to POP and SMTP systems to ensure the comprehensive capture of email content.

Are You Facing Some of the Same Challenges Mentioned Above?

Do you have a vision for a brighter data management future? A place where access to information, any information, from any time or place, isn’t just a pipe dream? It’s time to take action. This story can be YOUR story.

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