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More than 4,000 retired warplanes now have their last resting place in ‘The Boneyard’ and each one of those has volumes of associated documentation.

The largest facility of its kind in the world, the Boneyard is located in Tucson Arizona, which offers the best possible climate (low humidity, little rainfall) for storing and moving the aircraft around as needed. While we’re sure much of the information on how this facility is run is TOP SECRET, at Adlib our minds work in terms of processes and models for efficiency and we find this scenario intriguing. For example:

  • Thousands of planes in various stages of decommissioning is a tough logistical problem
  • Warplanes are marked for various purposes, adding to the complexity of the job
  • Efficient management of documentation (paper or digital) like CAD designs, flight logs and maintenance records needs to be addressed.
  • Reducing the ratio of manual work to digitization, innovative technologies can definitely improve efficiencies.
  • Recording the ingestion, disassembly and preservation processes is critical to the ongoing success of this operation.
the Boneyard

Modern Efficiency with a Vintage Twist

With aircraft manufacturer and maintenance documentation for such a huge number of aircraft, ingestion records which include the many critical steps of the welcoming process, parts requests and other forms of documentation to deal with, the largest ‘boneyard’ of its kind is no small operation. For many of our customers, this is where content standardization, classification, compression and long-term digital preservation come in very, very handy.

The Opportunity

While your organization may not host 4,400 warplanes, it does have equally valuable assets which should be addressed, examined, categorized and stored in the best possible way.

To gain a deeper understanding of how you can enable ingestion, classification and archive programs to take flight at your organization, consider gathering your team to engage Adlib in your own 'yard' for a Content Coaching session, where we:

  • discuss your pain points
  • engage in informal and enlightening dialogue
  • brainstorm a few ideas on the spot

Many companies find themselves inspired by the ground-breaking solutions proposed in these sessions. (We often get inspired quite a bit too!)

The Boneyard

Progressive Classification

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