Professional Services Offerings

The Adlib Professional Services team has many years of experience in the ECM and document transformation space, spanning many different industries. The services we offer cover all aspects required for the successful deployment and adoption of the Adlib platform within your organization including:

Solution services
Traditional implementation services are offered as part of your overall Adlib solution. Our main goal is to ensure the Adlib platform is installed and integrated efficiently within your environment, thus maximizing how your organization leverages the technology. Implementation services including:

  • Adlib PDF Implementation
  • Adlib Implementation
  • Technical Quality Assessment
  • Health Check and Architectural Review
  • Optimization and Integration Services
  • Upgrade Program

Product extension services
Adlib’s Professional Services team enables extensions through advanced capability services such as:

  • Connector Setup (Folder, Exchange, Documentum, etc.)
  • Redaction / Highlighting
  • Advanced CAD Scaling
  • Book Builder Publishing App
  • PDF for SharePoint

Adlib product training
Transferring our product knowledge and industry best practices to your team is engrained in every step of the services engagement. Product training is an essential step in the knowledge transfer process, ensuring your team become experts of the Adlib platform. Through product training, you will learn all of Adlib’s capabilities and learn how the Adlib technology may be used within other areas of your business. Training courses include:

  • Adlib PDF Administrator Training
  • Adlib PDF Training
  • Adlib PDF for SharePoint Training

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