For life sciences, financial service, and energy organizations, attempting to manage millions of documents in hundreds of formats across multiple departments, business units, and repositories can be an expensive and time-intensive task. To reduce the risk of non-compliance and take the manual busywork out of document and information management, enterprises must standardize critical documents while automating how that content is acquired, accessed, leveraged, and delivered.
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Automatically Convert Vast Volumes of Documents into ISO-Friendly PDF/A Assets That Support Auditing, Sharing, Long-Term Digital Preservation & Regulatory Compliance.
Driving Regulatory Compliance Through Digital Transformation
Adlib enables your enterprise to meet internal and external regulatory mandates—from FDA compliance to GDPR, FOIA, ATIP, SOX, Dodd-Frank, and more—by facilitating the intelligent collection, monitoring, auditing, sharing, and standardization of critical compliance data.

Know what content you have, where to find it, and the regulatory risks contained within it.


Transform vast volumes of content into ISO-friendly PDF/A assets and automate compliance workflows to reduce errors associated with manual assembly.


Ensure that knowledge workers can locate and leverage the data they need—when they need it—while improving and automating the processes that support internal and external governance policies.


Eliminate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data and improve access to the documents you need—accelerating critical workflows, improving analysis, and reducing storage costs.


Eliminate unnecessary manual steps in information and document-management processes—allowing your enterprise to remain nimble and evolve with shifting regulatory compliance requirements.


Securely deliver documents on time, to the right people, and in the right format—and maintain complete control over how data is collected, stored, and delivered.

Privacy and Security

Automating Business Processes to Support Regulatory Compliance & Information Governance Mandates

Learn how enterprises are leveraging Adlib to automate the business processes that support governance policies and regulatory compliance mandates.

Success Stories

Oil Company Ensures Ongoing Safety of Pipeline with Extracted Content

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Global Investment Bank Manages $3.3 Trillion of Credit Risk Using Adlib’s Extraction Software

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Aerospace Company Sidesteps Risk & Automates Recordkeeping by Bringing Efficiency & Clarity to Vital Contract-Management Processes

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Life Sciences Company Reduces Risk & Fast-Tracks Critical Workflows by Automating FDA Compliance Processes

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Regulatory Compliance Resources
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The Final Mile: Ensuring Document Compliance (White Paper)

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Adlib PDF Enterprise for Electronic Common Technical Document Submissions Preparation (White Paper)

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PDF/A: The Standard for Storing Content for the Long-Term (White Paper)

Ensure that your important documents maintain fidelity and integrity in the years ahead with PDF/A, the global ISO standard for archiving. Get the white paper to learn more.

NARA Compliance (White Paper)

This white paper outlines how Adlib is used across government agencies, including the US Department of State, to convert documents into compliant, searchable PDF assets for long-term archiving.

Not Just Another GDPR Webinar (On-Demand Webinar)

Execute GDPR-driven procedures that are more sophisticated than simply finding and deleting personal information. Watch the webinar to learn more.