Automated Redaction

Ensure the security and privacy of your content and data

Leaking customers’ private information is cited as one of the biggest fears of enterprise CIOs. With frequent news reports of information breaches, organizations are keeping security top of mind. In addition, government mandated acts—such as the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Access to Information and Privacy act (ATIP), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)— require that privacy be protected. This means that confidential data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like email addresses, social security numbers, account numbers, and credit card numbers must be hidden or removed from documents to comply with regulations and mitigate the risk of an information leak.

Adlib’s automated redaction is the only solution in the industry that finds and removes private information permanently. Reducing risk layer by layer, the solution not only masks the information, but removes data and content based on marked areas and predefined patterns or vocabulary.

Best practices

  • Go beyond just identifying confidential information and apply automated technology to redact the information in question.
  • Classify documents using Adlib’s Content Elevation Process™ based on documents which have confidential information and those that don’t, and other categories based on organizational requirements.
  • Mitigate the risk of information leaks by redacting confidential data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Remove—not mask—the information in question for improved security. (Masked information can still be searched, whereas removed information is completely unsearchable as it no longer exists in the document.)
  • Protect more than PII. Apply redaction to all Nonpublic Personal Information (NPI), Personal Health Information (PHI), Sensitive Personal Information (SPI), Personal Credit Information (PCI), and more.
  • Streamline integration with workflow tools and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.


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  • Predefinition of patterns & marked areas: Leveraging Content Conversion technology, sensitive data is redacted based on marked areas and predefined patterns or vocabulary.
  • Removal, not masking: Reducing risk layer by layer, Adlib’s automated redaction solution removes sensitive content from top to bottom.
  • Text and graphics: Organizations can protect their images (in addition to text) by redacting logos and other graphics as required.
  • Replacement text: Adlib enables users to track the reason for the redaction by providing replacement text on the redaction box, as a comment in the PDF, or through a text annotation.
  • Highlighting: Similar approach can be applied to highlight confidential or other information in a document.

Information Governance - Redaction

Data management experts Roger and Rupin discuss strategies that can help organizations ensure the security and privacy of their content and data.

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Leveraging Advanced Rendering technology, the Strator Redaction Editor helps organizations reduce risk and improve the security of redacting sensitive content...

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