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File Analysis

Understand where your content is, what’s in it, and how to manage it effectively with the file analysis capabilities of Adlib Elevate™

Content in enterprise organizations – especially Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Energy companies – is growing exponentially, and many are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of unstructured documents, including Microsoft® Word® files, spreadsheets, images, TIFF files, CAD documents, and more. Understanding what content is where, and the nature of information within that content, is challenging but critical.

Imagine a world where intelligent file analysis software can help your organization determine what information you have, whether it’s valuable, where it belongs, and what you should do with it.

With Adlib’s ground-breaking, Gartner-recognized, file analysis capabilities in the Elevate™ platform, organizations can:

  • Understand the nature, location, and value of their unstructured content
  • Meet compliance regulations
  • Classify large volumes of documents
  • Identify and protect sensitive data
  • Reduce storage costs through de-duplication
  • …and much more

Progressive Classification

Learn how the application of Progressive Classification helps organizations to mitigate risk and meet compliance standards.

File Analysis: Looking at your content without actually looking at your content

The ECM industry has been pursuing visionary technologies like file statistics or natural-language processing to address content chaos, but approaches have proved too subjective, insufficiently insightful, and often too costly to produce meaningful business results. Often organizations fail to truly gain value from their content. In a 2015 Forrester survey, 21% of people said they were not satisfied with the level of analysis at their company, up from 14% in 2014.

File analysis offers a “best of all worlds” approach meeting the needs of real business users within the content and system constraints of enterprise architects.

File Analysis

Learn how Adlib Elevate provides file analysis functionality that can truly benefit your organization:

Digital Preparation: Through our content standardization engine, we make content truly readable by digitally preparing it so that we can compare apples to apples – not apples to apple pie! We standardize all content to high-definition PDF format, ensuring that all content – including complex documents such as CAD drawings, forms, TIFF files, and Well Logs – are usable and accessible, enabling our file analysis software to understand the content.

Image-Based Comparison: We look at the document in question as a whole image, allowing us to easily identify the similarities and differences between it and other documents. This also enables Adlib’s file analysis software to identify zones of interest – specific fields on a form for example – and analyze those sections in detail.

Objective Analysis: Adlib’s file analysis technology does what other software like file statistics and NLP can't – we give you an objective analysis. We don’t tell you what to do with your content. Instead, we present you with the information you’re looking for, and let you make the important decisions on how to take action on it.

Text Assessment: Without requiring system training or templating, Adlib Elevate is able to search for known entities and compare terms within customized lexicons to identify toxic data and other critical data types.

Massively Scalable: With the growing volume of organizational content, you need a file analysis solution that can keep up with the massive amounts of information your company produces. Adlib’s Elevate software is massively scalable, so you don’t need to spend days doing something that should just take a couple of seconds.

Progressive Classification™: Achieving Intelligent Information Governance and Content Clarity

Read the white paper to learn how Progressive Classification can help your organization find out what content you have and where it is, so you can decide how to act on it.

The Adlib Difference

No one in the industry understands unstructured content better than we do, and as a result, no one understands what information your documents contain better than we do. Take a look at what sets us apart from the rest.

Unstructured Content Expertise: With over a decade of experience standardizing unstructured content – including complex documents such as CAD drawings and forms – Adlib understands the importance of the PDF. We can transform all content into high-definition PDF files so they are platform-agnostic, ensuring they can be read by anyone, anytime. Standardized content enables organizations to leverage each piece of content and process it with the Elevate platform, ensuring no information gets left behind.

Content Fingerprint Technology: Only Adlib enables your organization to understand massive amounts of information with the proprietary Content Fingerprint identification, a patent-pending digital representation and unique identifier for each piece of content. Massive scalability knows no bounds!

Holistic View of Content: We take an end-to-end approach, enabling your organization to go beyond file analysis. With the Content Elevation Process™, we start with content standardization, move on to analysis and categorization, and then end at optimization, which allows users to take their content to the next level.

Recognized in Gartner’s 2016
Market Guide to File Analysis Software

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Additional Information on File Analysis

In order to leverage content, reduce duplication and improve workflow, effective classification is a key imperative. Read more in this white paper published in KM World.
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