To rise above competitive pressures, enterprises must focus on modernizing their processes to support the digital mailroom of the future. Many attempts to manually merge the paper-based past with the digitally focused future are futile, however, leading to inefficiencies and inconsistencies at every turn—leaving most enterprises stuck in mailroom limbo.
Are You Stuck in Mailroom Limbo?
All correspondence is paper-based. Someone delivers the mail and another person opens it. One employee sorts documents and another files them. Each document changes hands 5-6 times.
Archaic, paper-based document workflows conflict with the need for nimble, all-digital processes. Semi-digital document management doesn’t work today and won’t work tomorrow either.
All incoming data is automatically captured, standardized, enriched, and routed into the appropriate business workflows.
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Transform Paper-Intensive Processes, Enrich Document Data & Automate Critical Workflows with Adlib for Digital Mailroom.
How Adlib Facilitates Digital Mailroom Automation
Incoming documents are received online, via email or fax, or through another digital or paper-based channel.
Document Capture & Conversion
Documents are easily ingested and converted into high-fidelity, text-searchable PDF assets.
Identification, Classification & Intelligent Data Extraction
Documents are automatically identified through intelligent recognition and sorted by document type. File analysis and smart data extraction applies classification and enriched metadata to the documents.
A cross-reference of extracted information is conducted using a trusted data repository such as an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.
Redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data is identified for deletion. Sensitive data is redacted, quarantined, or encrypted. Relevant data is prepared for long-term digital preservation (LTDP).
Enriched documents are automatically routed to the target destination based on business workflow rules. All documents are classified, indexed, and archived automatically in the relevant repositories. Knowledge workers are notified of the arrival of new documents for review.
Adlib has the data-enrichment software capabilities and professional services needed to support the implementation of an all-digital document-management strategy for your mailroom. By enriching data and feeding it into the appropriate workflows and repositories, Adlib allows enterprises to streamline customer-facing processes and significantly improve business outcomes.
Increase Customer Satisfaction

Speed response times and deliver the all-digital experience your customers expect—whether it’s processing claims faster or responding to inquiries within minutes vs. days.

Improve Efficiency & Productivity

Streamline critical workflows by automating activities related to document standardization, data extraction, redaction, and more—eliminating manual sorting and data entry efforts by knowledge workers.

Preserve Critical Information for Business Continuity

Create PDF/A assets that maintain the identical format, layout, and content of the original documents to support long-term storage and digital preservation.

Control the Flow of Information

Detect pertinent information from incoming documents to allow for the automated routing of content to the appropriate workflows and repositories.

Streamline Information Governance Efforts

Align your document-management strategy with your business processes to facilitate the information oversight needed for easier auditability and compliance.

Eliminate Paper & Reduce Storage Costs

Convert historical paper and post-scan documentation into structured electronic information—eliminating the storage needs related to the mountains of physical records and the labour-intensive manual shredding process.

Keep Up with Competitors

Stay two steps ahead of disruptive, digitally focused competitors.

From Days to Minutes: Insurance Customer Gets Digital Transformation Right
IAG’s inefficient paper-based processes were becoming burdensome. It took days for the global insurance provider to respond to claims, and knowledge workers spent too much time tackling tedious manual admin tasks. Watch the video to learn how Adlib helped IAG reduce its claims processing time from days to minutes by assisting in digitizing its entire operations.

Three Advantages of Implementing Digital Mailroom Solutions

The digital mailroom is now a business requirement. Discover the positive business outcomes that enterprises are realizing by implementing digital mailroom solutions.