Enhanced Data Migration

Don’t Just Lift & Shift—Improve & Move

Organizations in highly regulated industries go through many business events that trigger the need for a data migration. The typical “lift and shift” approach to data migration, however, results in a considerable amount of time and resource allocation—without any concrete business value to show for it. Adlib goes beyond just automating the process of moving your data between repositories. We add value to your content before, during, and after migration, for enriched content that’s easier to find and easier to use.

Don’t just move your unstructured data—transform it into clean, searchable, standardized information with maximum strategic value.

An Adlib-Enhanced Data Migration Means:

  • Uncovering information of business value by revealing content locked in multiple formats.
  • Decreasing organizational risk by exposing and securing confidential data.
  • Enabling access to critical business information by improving the findability of documents.
  • Transforming large volumes of unstructured data into searchable, standardized content, regardless of original format (MS Word, email, TIFF, CAD, PDF, XLS, and more).
  • Supporting integration between multiple repositories, file share systems, and ECMs (including Microsoft Exchange, OpenText, Documentum, FileNet, SharePoint, and many other ECMs, PLMs, and ARs).
  • Cleaning up redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data.
  • Enhancing and personalizing documents with metadata, access controls, and more.

Our Content Migration Methodology

Our “Improve & Move” Methodology

Enhanced Data Migration


Learn how you can maximize the value of your documents, eliminate costly manual processes, and accelerate critical business decisions with an Adlib-enhanced data migration.


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