If you were moving to a new home, you wouldn’t throw your brand-new and broken belongings into an unlabelled “mystery” box, only to collect dust until your next move. So why “extract, transfer, and load” your data from one location to another during a migration? And why pay a fortune in storage for bloating, unusable data that you’ll need to clean up later? Whether you're decommissioning a legacy system, completing a merger or acquisition, or moving from on-prem to the cloud, your data should be treated as an untapped source of value and risk. Know what data you have, secure what’s risky, delete what’s redundant, and capitalize on the rest. We can help with that.
Adlib goes beyond just automating the process of moving your data between repositories. We add value to your content before, during, and after migration—for clean, searchable content that’s easy to find and easy to use.

Global Insurance Company Drastically Reduces Costs with an Adlib-Enhanced Data Migration

Before approaching Adlib, our global insurance customer estimated it would take them 24 years and $22,000,000 to migrate millions of customer files dating back 50 years. Not on our watch. Read how Adlib significantly reduced the time, effort, and expense of this massive move.

An Adlib-Enhanced Data Migration Means:
Reducing Your Risk

Don't just dump your data into the next opaque data lake. Understand what data you have—so you can extract value and manage risk.

Improving Your Data

Transform vast volumes of unstructured data into searchable, standardized content with maximum strategic value—regardless of original format.

Leveraging Your Data

Efficiently manage and leverage your data as a valuable strategic asset through its entire lifecycle—from ingestion to archival.

Learn how to maximize the value of your documents and data, eliminate costly manual processes, and accelerate critical business decisions with an Adlib-enhanced data migration.

Solution Highlights
Uncover information of value by revealing content locked in multiple formats.
Decrease business risk by exposing and securing confidential data.
Enable access to critical business information by improving the findability of documents.
Transform vast volumes of unstructured data into searchable, standardized content, regardless of original format (MS Word, email, TIFF, CAD, PDF, XLS, and more).
Support integration between multiple repositories, fileshare systems, data lakes, and ECMs (including Microsoft Exchange, OpenText, Documentum, FileNet, SharePoint, Salesforce, Box, Google Drive and others).
Clean up redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data.
Enhance and personalize documents with metadata, access controls, and more.
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