Automate Your Data Extraction Process with Adlib

Adlib’s automated data extraction solution supports your organization by optimizing your day-to-day content management functions – automatically identifying content within repositories, and zones within content, that are of greatest interest, and seamlessly converting them to XML or other formats ready for further downstream processing – from managerial review to big data analytics.

Adlib’s data extraction capabilities enable organizations to automate the intelligent processing of digitally born or post-scan paper content, extracting insights and unlocking value from unstructured data using advanced techniques such as:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Image comparison
Content/Flow analysis
Document cleansing
PDF interpretation

The intelligence gained through automated data extraction can improve operational efficiencies, allow the delivery of superior customer experiences,mitigate risk and reduce overall manual work.

The Adlib Advantage
Most free or entry-level extraction platforms rely on zonal or templated forms. Adlib is exponentially more flexible in the way it searches for information because it looks for intelligent patterns within the document in order to determine what to extract. In addition to looking for patterns or blocks of text, Adlib can even take it one step further by looking for specific data within a given pattern or block.

There are three main problems with using zonal or templated forms:

If the zones change, the base parameters have to be manually re-set.
If the document is filled out incorrectly, the data won’t match what’s expected, causing errors and incomplete extractions.
If the document is used differently by some people or departments, the templates may be irrelevant or incompatible.
Adlib counters this by using the most advanced OCR techniques available, allowing you to turn any document into a high-fidelity asset for extraction and search.
Integrating with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems
Adlib’s data extraction capabilities work seamlessly with Enterprise Content Management systems (ECMs) and business workflows - including OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA, OpenText and IBM FileNet.

Adlib also integrates with most workflow tools, scanning repositories, multi-function printer outputs, email applications, fax systems, web forms and other points of content on-boarding, allowing organizations to access Document Conversion from any point in the document lifecycle.

Ideal for:

Insurance, Banking, Life Sciences, Energy and Manufacturing organizations seeking automated data extraction software to assist them in gaining control of their information, whether it’s contained in claims forms, emails, well logs, CAD diagrams, ISDA contracts, clinical trial documentation, or design approval paperwork.

Systems Integrators working with companies that are seeking to help their customers gain control of all of their content more effectively. Note: If you are a Systems Integrator and are interested in partnering with Adlib, it might be worth your while to join the Adlib Partner Plus program.

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