Navigating modern compliance threats can feel like driving through a heavy fog: you can’t always see what’s on the horizon. Even the smallest regulatory shift can set you into an operational tailspin—especially if your enterprise possesses thousands or millions of contracts. To address contractual and compliance risk—without draining your budget and resources—you need a fast, reliable way of finding and analyzing every contract you hold. That’s where Adlib comes in. Our Contract Intelligence software allows you to find and analyze all your company’s contracts—and the risky data within—with confidence and ease. So you can rest easy knowing your organization will be compliant, now and in the future.

Contracts & COVID-19: How to Quickly Find Force Majeure Clauses Using AI

COVID-19 has thrown the enforceability, liability, and obligation of commercial and customer agreements into question. This has left many organizations scrambling to quickly identify and act on force majeure clauses across their broad set of agreements. Read how AI technology can help.

Turn Your Contracts into a Strategic Asset

Want to ease the burden of contract compliance, and enhance the performance and profitability of your agreements? Look no further than Adlib. Stop spending eons leafing through contracts manually, only to realize that you missed something big. And don’t bother with complicated tools that can’t work with the volume and complex formatting of your documents. With Adlib’s Contract Intelligence software, you can:

Address Time-Sensitive Compliance Demands

Quickly gain complete visibility into your contract documents—both new and old, simple and complex. Feel confident that you can access all the data you need to address current and emerging compliance regulations, quickly and efficiently.

Analyze Complex, Inconsistently Formatted Contracts

Adlib finds and extracts important values, even in documents that have evolved with different structures and wording over time. Unlike niche tools, Adlib works with a variety of different file types and languages and can handle the complexities of long, inconsistently formatted text-based documents.

Gain Insight into Your Agreements, Regardless of Format or Volume

Adlib automatically locates vast volumes of contracts in 300+ file formats and standardizes them into fully searchable digital assets. Whether you need to analyze 5,000 or 500,000 contracts in 30 or 300 file formats, you can be confident that all high-risk and high-value data will be found and addressed.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Adlib provides visibility into contracts by leveraging extensive rules-based workflows to extract relevant data into summary views and dashboards or exported to analytics or management platforms. This gives you the data and insight you need to make decisions with confidence.

Boost Contract Performance & Profitability

Gain visibility into all contract terms, so you can optimize performance against contractual obligations, achieve performance milestones, and avoid penalties. Compare contract data (parties, terms, conditions, dates) with transactional data to measure and optimize profitability, automatically and across all contracts.

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Contract Intelligence Drivers
LIBOR/IBOR Phase-Out IFRS 16/17 Concerns SR 14-1 Concerns
COVID-19 (Force Majeure Review) Brexit Implications for Commercial Contracts Shifting Compliance Regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)
Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Activity Recovery and Resolution Planning (RRP) QFC Compliance Demands
COVID-19 (Force Majeure Review)
Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Activity
IFRS 16/17 Concerns
Brexit Implications for Commercial Contracts
Recovery and Resolution Planning (RRP)
SR 14-1 Concerns
Shifting Compliance Regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)
QFC Compliance Demands
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