Ensure your organization can make the best use of their Adlib investment by connecting with your existing systems

Over 70% of large organizations have 3 or more ECM/DM/RM systems, according to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). How many does your organization have? Even if your organization only has 1 existing content management system, it saves your users a lot of time and angst if they are able to access Adlib inside a software they are already comfortable with. This eliminates the need to learn an entirely new system, and improves the overall organizational efficiency.

By connecting with Adlib, the effectiveness of the repository is maximized – both financially and operationally. End users are able to take any content – whether born digitally or paper-based – and automate the ingestion, standardization, de-duplication, and preparation of that content so that it can be routed to any repository and/or used in further downstream processes including classification, extraction, and long-term digital preservation.

Discover the connector modules Adlib provides below:

Don’t see a connector for your system? A customized solution may be the answer for you. Contact our Professional Services team for more details.

Adlib Professional Services on Customization

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